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Liar in Wait
August 2012
Released: 2012, Self Released
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

If you’re up to speed on your death metal history, than you probably know that Amon was the original name for the band that we all now know and love as Deicide. Legend has it that Roadrunner Records prompted the name change prior to the release of the first album, because King Diamond’s CONSPIRACY record was released about the same time and featured the track “Amon Belongs to Them”. When the Hoffman brothers split from Deicide in 2004 they opted to start fresh with a new band, eventually resurrecting the Amon name in order to do so. Recruiting ex-Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the sky alum Jechael on vocals/bass and Mike Petrack on drums, the band has recently released the official debut full length under the Amon moniker, LIAR IN WAIT. And yes, it’s actually pretty good.

Cards on the table, I didn’t have high hopes for a new Amon project. The last few Deicide discs to feature the Hoffman brothers were a sack and a half full of “meh,” and given that it’d been 8 years since they’d done anything at all musically, there just seemed to be oh so many ways that this could go badly. Whatever the boys were doing during this down time apparently has paid off, because like I said, LIAR IN WAIT is pretty good. It’s not LEGION good, but it’s light years ahead of where we last found the Hoffmans. Amon 2012 recognizes that its strengths lie in the traditional Florida-styled death metal that Deicide made so famous, and rather than try to distance the current lineup from past associations they embrace it with open arms. Vocalist Jechael has a drier bark than Mr. Benton, but the double tracking on songs like “Eye of the Infinite” certainly sound “familiar.” And musically the nine tracks on the album reminded me of what a more competent version of IN TORMENT IN HELL or INSINERATEHYMN could’ve sounded like; that chunky Deicide riff structure that’s more rhythm than speed. So that’s where the Deicide comparisons will stop, because it shouldn’t be surprising that Amon kinda sounds like Deicide.

That being said, there’s plenty to enjoy about LIAR IN WAIT. If you dig traditional death metal, than you’re in for a treat. There’s a sense of fresh energy in the tunes exhibited by all participants, which really does a lot to get you bought into things. Peppering in oodles of neoclassical runs through the tunes doesn’t hurt either, and works to give the Amon sound some welcomed depth - particularly with tunes like the “Wraith of Gaia”, “Among Us” (for which the band filmed a promo video) and the title track. At the end of the day, LIAR IN WAIT lives up to the Amon legacy by not trying to be something that it isn’t. Amon has given the fans more than most expected, but more importantly they gave the fans what they really wanted.
Track Listing

1. Among Us
2. Eye of the Infinite
3. Lash Thy Tongue and Vomit Lies
4. Liar in Wait
5. Reaching for Flesh
6. Semblance of Man
7. Sentience and Sapience
8. Spat Forth from the Darkness
9. Wraith of Gaia


Jechael – Vocals, Bass
Brian Hoffman – Guitars
Eric Hoffman – Guitars
Mike Petrak – Drums

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