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May 2015
Released: 2015, World Terror Committee
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Amestigon, unsung heroes of the Austrian underground Black Metal scene, are here to fuck your world! "Thier", their second full length album is a macabre masterpiece.

Opening track "Demiurg" emerges from the void with a malevolent, eerie intro, conjuring images of corpse vapour escaping from a tomb. It expands with foreboding putridity, its icy melodies augmented by ominous keyboards. Around 3 minutes into the track pseudo monastic chanting further enhances the aural experience. To this point the pace of the song is slow, and just as it appears to be getting bogged down it explodes in a vicious frenzy. It winds down with some exquisite lead guitar.

Track 2 "358" is ten minutes of ecstatic, totrured bliss. It is packed with otherworldly menace, at times quite trippy and bordering on the psychedelic. A veritable bad trip. Blessed with a constant threatening tone, it concludes with some elegiac, Bathory-esque chanting.

Next up is the grief stricken title track which displays more awesome lead guitar work. Its expansive timbre builds continuously until it explodes into all out war. It also has a mind bending middle section, augmented by funereal organs and swathes of feedback. I would liken it to being at the eye of a hurricane. The song spews forth from this with real venom, the hurricane now leaving devastation in its wake.

"Thier" closes with "Hochpolung", which maintains the albums air of class, a vortex of psychedelic angst and venom.

This is an album of real distinction. It is cold as a blizzard and its flecks of malignant melody brings to mind Blut Aus Nord. One of the band's key strengths is its pacing, knowing when to slow things down and when to cut loose. This is key to the album's suffocating atmosphere. The production values are just the right side of grim. Acquire this album by any means necessary.

Review By Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1) Demiurg
2) 358
3) Thier
4) Hochpolung


Tharen - Drums, vocals, keyboards
Herr Wolf - Guitars
Jörg Lanz - Guitars, bass
Silenius - Vocals

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