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American Dog
Six Pack: Songs about Drinkin’ & Fuckin’
August 2002
Released: 2002, Outlaw Entertainment
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Wake up! There is a new true rock ‘n’ roll label in town and they are called Outlaw! Founded by Tommy Floyd (ex-Pretty Boy Floyd, CAN) they are getting ready to kick down the saloon room door. For more details check out our interview with label founder Tommy Floyd. In the meantime wrap your ears around this loose an’ easy slab of rock! American Dog started kickin’ around sometime in the mid to late 90’s and was amongst it’s ranks former Salty Dog, bassist, Michael Hannon, who I actually witnessed live back in 1990. I guess it goes to show ol’ rockers never die they just keep rockin’!!

The liner notes say that this is a Live EP recorded in May 2001, “with a few of our closet friends, ten cases of beer and a couple of bottles of Jack with Joe Viers twisting the knobs. No Overdubs, no clicktracks, no headphones-Real Rock ‘n’ Roll!” That describes the sound of this better than I ever could. The packaging is all about the drinking and supposedly the original version came with a sticker and bottle opener!

If you are not familiar with American Dog this is all you need to know. They are a good ol’ southern boy, down-home, US of A version of Tankard. EVERY single song on this EP is about alcohol. Every single one. So let’s say they don’t win any points for originality or lyrical diversity. Musically mix any five of your favorite southern rock bands (doesn’t matter who) and you’ll get American Dog. I have a hard time describing the music because they sound like every other band in this southern rock genre and yet like none of them at all. Imagine if Tesla stopped doing the acoustic stuff, covers, live albums and went out and got really, really drunk with Helix then…they all got up and played hung-over, loose and sloppy…that is what American Dog sounds like to me. It’s a clichĂ© but this EP is a great representation of the band in a live setting. This is the kind of band that will live and die in the bars. There is no way they could do the festival in Europe or stadiums doing all-ages gigs…it just wouldn’t work. They have to play in bars, classic rock fests or in some sweaty dump and this was it.

Complaint time: For the very same reason that AD are so cool with their obsession with Nugent and AC/DC style drinkin’ tunes it is the same reason they could fail as well. It all seems like a giant in-joke, party that you are probably not invited to. There is not really enough…depth…. to sustain it for extended periods of time. Maybe that’s why the debut was a schizophrenic 44 minutes long, Including an extended live jam, 2 covers and an old Salty Dog tune. The EP is only 38 minutes only but thankfully does feature four new tunes out of the six. Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome and do the southern party rock better than many I have heard in years! BUT… Can I see a ten album career happening? Not really…but then again if Tankard can, I’ll bet AD can too.

The band have introduced themselves to the world and have made a decent name for themselves now. The new CD, called RED, WHITE, BLACK AND BLUE will be out very soon and time will tell if they can crank it up a notch and add a little (just a little) more diversity to give this one-track band the chance they need to continue. Either way. I’m on board!
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