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Larvae Offal Swine
August 2016
Released: 2016, Hells Headbangers
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

From the man who brought you Angelcorpse, Order from Chaos, Kerasphorus and a host of other infamous underground entities now comes Abhomine, the first official solo project from Pete Helmkamp. Performing all instruments sans drums, Abhomine’s debut LARVAE OFFAL SWINE is possibly the man in his most primal state.

Everything you’d expect from a Helmkamp release is here for sure – harsh riffs, glass shard gargling vocals, and a pervasive sneer of contempt for society, religion and humanity in general. A more intentionally raw and unpolished project, Abhomine has more in common with the likes of early Sarcofago or Hellhammer than the methodical, workman like discipline of Angelcorpse, gems like “Buried with Pig”, “Narcocult” and “Reptile Annunciation” drip with feverish animosity and old school trash riffs.

LARVAE OFFAL SWINE sounds like a lo-fi demo at times; the guitars are overfuzzed and one-dimensional, the drums sound like a trashcan, and the vocals are one-track, one-take invocations. But that’s exactly the point. Music like this isn’t supposed to be pretty, hell - it’s not even supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to elicit the most visceral of reactions; be its delight or disgust, you’ll feel something after listening to LARVAE OFFAL SWINE.

Abhomine isn’t for everybody, and it’s probably better that way. If you’re a fan of Helmkamp’s body of work or either of the labels involved with the release of LARVAE OFFAL SWINE (Osmose in Europe, Hells Headbangers in NA), this will hit your sweet spot.
Track Listing

1. Intro: Worm Pig Shit
2. Buried with Pig
3. Kapos and Whores
4. Crown of Flies
5. Blackmaguswhitehouse
6. Narcocult
7. Reptile Annunciation
8. Nest of Disgust
9. Outro: Larvae Offal Swine


Pete Helmkamp – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
A. Rodriguez - Drums

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