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Altered Aeon
January 2006
Released: 2004, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

Black Lotus is one of the most active record labels in today’s Metal Scene. They are releasing new stuff all the time and giving bands the opportunity to show what they are made of. The problem is that most of their releases are pretty average (with the exception of Nightfall and Elysian Fields). It’s not that they suck; it’s just that they don’t have that edge that will set them apart from the pack. Fortunately things will change in the future, cause the label has signed a pretty interesting outfit, Sweden’s Altered Aeon.

These guys play a very interesting blend of Modern Thrash Metal with technical Death Metal and some melody thrown in. Their music reminded me a lot about Carnal Forge and Satariel, especially in their PHOBOS AND DEIMOS release. This may have to do with the fact that when Kjell Anderson, the vocalist, sings with his clear voice, he sounds a bit like Messiah Marcolin, who sang as special guest in that particular Satariel release.

The machine behind DISPIRITISM is killer and really tight. The drum work, courtesy of Henrik Ohlsson, is precise and has a razor sharp crisp sound. The guitars done by Per Nilsson and Nicklas Rehn, are also very interesting and throw all kinds of ideas into the mix. Unfortunately, the bass work done by Anders Hedlund is buried in the mix, so this would be a negative point to consider.

In the end, I recommend you to give Altered Aeon an opportunity. Their dark atmosphered Thrash assault will surely appeal to any extreme music maniac. Let Black Lotus Records know that with this signing they made the right decision. This way we will have better releases from them coming in the future. Ohh, and I was almost forgetting, the Swedes cover King Diamond’s “Welcome Home”, and they do it in the Altered Aeon style, killer! Stay Heavy!!!
Track Listing

Dispirited Chambers
The Resonance of Form in Transition
Behind the Lodge Door
Patriots of Sin (aeturnum essentia)
Carpe Noctem
Dreamscape Domain
Oath to Endure
Light Creates Shadows
Transcendence Duology
Cellular Disorganization (instrumental bonus track)
Welcome Home (bonus track)


Kjell Andersson - Vocals
Per Nilsson - Guitar
Nicklas Rehn - Guitar
Anders Hedlund - Bass
Henrik Ohlsson - Drums

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Altered Aeon
January 2006
Released: 2004, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Pataklysm

When I heard Altered Aeon had previous members of Theory in Practice, I put DISPIRITISM at the top of my wishlist! Altered Aeon started out under the moniker Thrawn when drummer Henrik Ohlsson (Mutant, Theory in Practice) and singer Kjell Andersson (Azotic Reign) originally got together in 2001. While busy with other band duties, Thrawn was put on the back burner.

In February 2003, after renaming themselves Altered Aeon, the band entered the Black Lounge Studio, and recorded their 4-song demo called "Light Creates Shadow," with Ohlsson doing drums, bass and rhythm guitars (talented isn't he!), Niklas Rehn on rhythm guitar and Andersson doing all of the vocals. They later recruited Per Nilsson for the lead guitar duties and completed the demo. In 2003, Altered Aeon solidified its lineup with Nilsson joining full time and Anders Hedlund (ex. Theory In Practice session bassist) settling in on bass.

Described as "Occult Thrash Metal", Altered Aeon play some amazing thrash! Not your typical Swedish thrash band nor suffering from "At The Gates syndrome," the music on DISPIRITISM is highly technical without overdoing it. You can hear remnants of Theory in Practice (if you haven't heard the band, stop what you are doing and buy an album immediately!) in DISPIRITISM. Their guitar riffs are very well thought out and flow together like clockwork. Nilsson's solo's send shivers down my spine and with so much "feel" in his playing, he is another one of those super human Swedes! You can hear all of the awesome solo work throughout DISPIRITISM, as there is at least one solo in every song. “Cellular Disorganization,” an instrumental bonus track, is a change of pace and a very good reminder that these guys aren't just "balls to the wall" thrashers. This song is basically a three minute solo showcase with an excellent "deep" intense feel. There is also a King Diamond cover on here.

DISPIRITISM is chock full o' metal and should not disappoint the thrashers out there. From the first song, "Dispirited Chambers", all the way through to "Transcendence Duology", Altered Aeon pound your skull with nothing but metal madness. For all of you metal drummers, Henrik Ohlsson's work is quite good here (take a few lessons from him…we need more drummers like him out there!). Kjell Andersson's vocals are stunning on DISPIRITISM and a perfect fit for Altered Aeon. With more than just a one-dimensional scream (though he has a good one), Andersson has a great metal yell, yet can singer higher, as well (check out “Behind The Lodge Door”).

Lately I have been quite sick of Swedish thrash bands, all sounding very similar and ripping off the originals. Altered Aeon gives hope to Swedish thrash and shows us how true professionals do things. If you like well-thought-out, technical yet catchy, fast-paced metal, pick up DISPIRITISM.

KILLER KUTS: Whole Album!
Track Listing

1. Dispirited Chambers
2. Resonance of Form In Transition
3. Desensitizer
4. Behind The Lodge Door
5. Patriots of Sin (Aeturnum Essentia)
6. Carpe Noctem
7. Dreamscape Domain
8. Oath To Endure
9. Light Creates Shadows
10. Transcendence Duology
11. Cellular Disorganization (Instrumental Bonus Track)
12. Welcome Home (King Diamond cover)


Vocals - Kjell Andersson
Lead/Rhythm Guitar - Per Nilsson
Rhythm Guitar - Niklas Rehn
Bass - Anders Hedlund
Drums - Henrik Ohlsson

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