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Whispers in Nameless Forms
March 1999
Released: 1998, IntroMental
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Abdunor unquestionably have something interesting happening with their 3 song debut CD "Whispers In Nameless Forms." The CD tells the tale of the kingdom of Abdunor, an imaginary place that over the years has been developed and shaped by the dark mind of Jesper Fejerskov - guitarist and "vocalist" for this blistering Danish black/death metal outfit.

The musical beast known as Abdunor is actually the creation of 2 individuals - Jesper Fejerskov and Steffen Holm. Some black metal vocals are annoying at times if they get too shrill and thin. However when done right they work with the music. Fortunately for Abdunor the vocals are done well. The only complaint I have is they are not mixed properly. At times they are in your face followed by being drowned out by guitars. Like many other black metal bands I've listened to Abdunor's guitarist owes a great deal to Iron Maiden in terms of the melodies and harmony. Thankfully it's not all one million miles an hour single note guitar tremelo picking happening here. For example, "Nightstalk Vision" starts with a very cool riff that could find a home with many a metal band. Abdunor may not be quite as refined as say Dark Tranquility or Dimmu Borgir, but they are on the right path and they have the musical chops to pull it off. To date this band is unsigned. That's quite surprising considering some of the shitty black metal that I've heard haha...Somebody please sign this band!
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