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November 2007
Released: 2007, AFM Records/Sound Pollution
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is yet another album released as a side project. This time it’s a Brazilian group called Almah led by Angra’s lead singer Edu Falaschi who tries on his solo wings. Falaschi not only sings on the album but also is the songwriter, the main arranger and the producer. The other members of the Almah project are also well known names; we have Vuorinen from Nightwish in guitar, Porra from Stratovarius on bass and Grillo from Kamelot handling the drums.

Falaschi walks down pretty much the same musical path as he does in Angra. On this album, the music can best be described as melodic heavy metal delivered with sheer energy and rawness. The main focuses of the production are the lead vocals and the edgy guitar playing delivered by Vuorinen. If you’re a fan of Angra, you’ll probably like Almah as well.

I have to question what Almah delivers, to be honest. It depends on the very inconsistent material; it’s everything from strings and piano with calm lead vocals to some kind of Disney musical music, followed by some faster melodic heavy metal. As you can see, there are many various materials here. Falaschi says that no song is like the other and he’s definitely right. The album contains some really high peaks but also equal amounts of lows.

The album’s top moments are in songs like “King”, “Children of Lies” and “Break All the Welds”. They are faster melodic heavy metal with some very dark passages that sound brilliant. Lead vocals dominate the sound picture and the guitar play is amazing. Parts of the songs are catchy and easy to remember. Also, the songs “Take Back Your Spell” and “Scary Zone” are included in the few golden moments this album contains. The first half of the album feels much more solid and compact than the rest; it feels like Falaschi lost his inspiration and glow in the second half. There, Falaschi sounds like Swedish monster singer Göran Edman, which only feels strange. The second part of the album mostly contains lighter songs with acoustic guitars, piano and strings which feels boring to say the least.

I guess it helps the album if you’re a fan of Angra or Falaschi. If you’re not, I think you’re going to have problems enjoying this. Almah has its moments but they’re so few and far between that it barely helps. Unfortunately I have to say that this debut is an album you can do without, more so the second half.
Track Listing

1. King
2. Take Back Your Spell
3. Forgotten Land
4. Scary Zone
5. Children of Lies
6. Break All the Welds
7. Golden Empire
8. Primitive Chaos
9. Breathe
10. Box of Illusion
11. Almah


Edu Falaschi – lead vocals
Emppu Vuorinen – guitar
Lauri Porra – guitar
Casey Grillo – drums

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