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December 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Italy’s Alltheniko are back with their third full length platter of traditional, 80’s-inspired power thrash, MILLENNIUM RE-BURN. You’re forgiven for not being familiar with the power trio, but MILLENIUM RE-BURN is the right time to rectify that. With feet firmly planted in 1986, Alltheniko proudly wave the flag of denim n’ leather – fists in the air and heads banging relentlessly. Forget that retro-thrash nonsense, Alltheniko are old school for the new school.

From the opening cadence of “Intro Millennium,” Alltheniko let you know they’ve come to bring the metal. “Spirit of the Highway” rips in with pulsing guitars and a sense of urgency that really gets you amped up. Vocalist/Bassist Dave Nightfight sounds like Blackie Lawless after singing lessons; he’s got that raspy wail, but can hit those high notes with the kind of passionate intensity that gives you goose bumps. Guitarist Joe Boneshaker is relentless with his power riffing and tastefully tears through some gorgeous solos. And drummer Luke the Idol is a machine. “No More Fear” gets a little darker and meaner, but no less intense, and as the album progresses it gets heavier and more aggressive. “Harold Will Survive,” “Metal Lord,” and “Masterful Man” are all melodic enough to please the traditional crowd, but can still get the circle pit moving at the same time. And you’ve got to appreciate a song titled “Army of Nerds,” which is in fact about nerds having their revenge (sound familiar?).

For a self released album, MILLENIUM RE-BURN looks and sounds 100% professional. The production, mix, everything is pristine and balanced. The tunes themselves are well crafted and composed, executed with an admirable level of skill. They feel every bit like they’re from the golden age of thrash, but they don’t ride the nostalgia wave. Rather, the songs sound current and relevant, but with all the qualities that you know and love.

Alltheniko is one of the best surprises I’ve come across in 2010. MILLENNIUM RE-BURN is the kind of album that can really put a band on the map. I’d love to see this album get picked up by a label with some real distribution muscle and get it the promotion it deserves.
Track Listing

1. Intro Millennium
2. Spirit of the Highway
3. No More Fear
4. Harold Will Survive
5. Metal Lord
6. In the Name of the Cross
7. Army of Nerds
8. Masterful Man
9. Hide in the Dark
10. Broken Wings


Dave Nightfight - Vocals, Bass
Joe Boneshaker - Guitars
Luke the Idol - Drums, Vocals

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