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Proponent of Sentience
December 2016
Released: 2016, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It has taken me an aeon to be able to think of an opening line for the review of this band from Colorado, USA. They call themselves modern melodic death metal but they are a whole lot more. Imagine all the best bits of Arch Enemy, Nile, Machine Head, In Flames, Nervermore, Iced Earth and Carcass but with even better production, guitar solos that regularly hit the sweet spot. Remember the adverts for an all in one remote controls? Why have a remote for the video, one for the stereo, one for the TV? Buy one that controls everything. That is Allegaeon that is.

Talking of production, everything is so clear, guitar harmonies especially, with certain songs having symphonic and cinematic elements woven through the songs. Vocals are mostly death metal style with some spoken word and clean from time to time. Personally I would like more clean vocals although the vocalist does not growl as to be unlistenable. The vocal melody lines are interesting and clever.

Listening through the album a few times I got so carried away that the album had finished and the first song had started again. I thought it may be a short album so I looked at the length of the tunes. They vary from 3 minutes, average 5 minutes with a few 8 minute epics. If you are a fan of epic songs you won't be disappointed. They don't do a "Death Magnetic" play one riff over and over to extend the song. It is almost like a story unfolded. The band may tell me that was the idea. I think this is where I get the Iced Earth and Nevermore comparisons.

There are no stand out or weak tracks. This album is fresh, exciting and a future classic. I will following this band from now on and crossing my fingers for a UK tour!
Track Listing

1.Proponent for Sentience I - The Conception
2.All Hail Science
3.From Nothing
4.Gray Matter Mechanics - Apassionata Ex Machinea
5.Of Mind and Matrix
6.Proponent for Sentience II - The Algorithm
7.Demons of an Intricate Design
8.Terrathaw and the Quake
9.Cognitive Computations
10.The Arbiters
11.Proponent for Sentience III - The Extermination


Riley McShane (Vocals), Greg Burgess (Guitar), Michael Stancel (Guitar), Corey Archuleta (Bass), Brandon Park (Drums).

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