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All That Remains
Behind Silence and Solitude
July 2002
Released: 2002, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Starting out originally as a side project of a former Shadows Fall vocalist Philip Labonte, All That Remains became a full-time band to him since his departure from Shadows Fall. Sharing his mature and innovative visions ìbout a modern sounding metal with Chris Bartlett (on guitar), Oliver Herbert (on guitar), Dan Egan (on bass) and Michael Bartlett (on drums) on this nicely smoothly rockinì slap of a solid metal album.

When I was spinning BEHIND SILENCE… for the very 1st time, I got this faint impression that All That Remains could well come from Sweden – and especially from somewhere near by the Gothenburg area ìcoz they indeed do have quite a few traces in their own sound that could so well lead them into that famous Gothenburg thing pretty effortlessly due to some familiar yet so melodic parts that they even havenìt bothered to hide anywhere but on the contrary, bring out shamelessly quite often within their melodic and thrashy Heavy Metal music. And thatìs only good for them ìcoz basically you cannot go too wrong with that specific sound if you end up borrowing some elements from there right into your own rehearsal room where you obviously fuse some of these stolenì (or ìborrowedì- whatever you may prefer…?) elements into something else; like bringing in some modern Rock elements and letting NWOBHM rule your mind at the very same time, too (do I hear some melodic Maidenìish guitar lines in the 2nd song titled “From These Wounds” – or is it just my mind that forces me to believe something else instead…?! Nah, the middle section of this tune is just pure Maiden plagiarism and you're deaf if you donìt hear it!). I guess thereìs much to thank the guitarists Chris and Oliver for keeping both their ears and axes well oiled and fine-tuned during the whole song writing process when giving the final harmonies and catchiness to the songs on this very ìpromisingì debut. ìPromisingì may sound lame as a ìwordì, but it actually IS a ìpromisingì debut ìcoz the music tends to sound probably a bit too familiar here and there and you cannot escape it if the Gothenburg scene and Iron Maiden have set your balls on fire in the past (well… - or something else if you are not a male!). I donìt go and blame them on stealing or anything, but the songs on BEHIND SILENCE … are quite safe and easy-to-get-into-shit as a matter of speaking. The album, however, still sounds somewhat fresh and warm as its brave wholeness – and I donìt believe many will be disappointed by what they hear on this very good debut of the band. All the songs on BEHIND are equally good in my opinion, so I donìt see any good enough point by raising any certain song on the top of the damn pile. It can be either the title track for me; or “From These Wounds” to you; or the forth song in order titled “Erase” to your lilì brother - or the last song called “One Belief” to your grandma, for example. All the 8 songs stand out on their own and make the album a ìpromisingì start to their career under All That Remainsì name. Nothing new here musically really, but BEHIND SILENCE AND SOLITUDE is still very much a worth of purchase. See these Massachusettsì own metal warriors on tour in the States with the Swedish The Crown later this year, too.
Track Listing

01. Behind Silence and Solitude
02. From These Wounds...
03. Follow
04. Clarity
05. Erase
06. Shading
07. Home to Me
08. One Belief


Jeanne Sagan - Bass
Oli Hebert - Guitar
Philip Labonte - Vocals
Shannon ´Feet´ Lucas - Drums

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