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Dark Days Quantum
July 2002
Released: 2001, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Woah….There are a lot of independent bands out there who could learn a thing or two about how to do it yourself and Aliengates should be the teacher. This CD is extremely good in every facet including packaging, design and presentation, production, mix, songwriting and performance.

These guys will be big league very soon methinks. DDQ is the debut EP (as far as I know) and clocks in at a frustratingly low six tracks and minutes! I want more Dammit!! AG are from Switzerland and I will avoid the inevitable, stereotypes, comparisons and cross-references to the few big name bands that have emerged from that great nation. I think Aliengates will be elite and here’s why.

As I mentioned before this CD is extremely well produced, presented and packaged. It looks, feels and sounds top-notch. Computer generated images in CD booklets can often be cartoonish at times, but not with these guys. They are dark and foreboding, looking every bit like a Travis Smith production. Speaking of production this CD sounds great, crushing guitar, good clean mix but not too sterile.

Musically, (which you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned yet) is pure kick-ass thrash. But not just your run of the mill Germanic thrash or Bay-area style. This is a great blend of tempo’s, guitar tones and varying levels of ferocity. I really don’t like to do straight across comparisons with other bands because it is a lame way to describe a CD but to give you a reference point I could use new Carcass and old In Flames as very decent examples. I also could pick the very heaviest and most classy elements of Rage as a reference point. This CD kicks ass. The five piece band start with a instrumental before ripping into some modern yet classic thrash and death. The lyrics and image are futuristic but not clichéd with stories about spaceships and Martians. Tunes like the title track “Dark Days Quantum” are very cool. There are a few samples scattered here and there but I hardly noticed them. There are a few diverse elements like some female vocals, which are very well done, not too gothic, and prissy but not too screechy either. They play very nicely on the tune “Heartless”.

I really like this CD a lot. It is a very strong contender for my personal, annual Top 10 in the newcomer-independent category. You can contact the band at
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