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Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper Trashes The World (DVD)
October 2015
Released: 2004, Epic Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

In October people start to get geared up for Halloween, the Heavy Metal holy day. One performer who epitomizes Halloween like no other is Alice Cooper. To celebrate the month of Halloween I decided to go back and review four of his live concerts; one from the 70's, (The Strange Case Of Alice Cooper) one from the 80's, (The Nightmare Returns) one from the 90's (Alice Cooper Trashes The World) and one from 00's. (Brutally Live). Feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature.

After the one-two punch of ‘comeback albums’ 1986’s, CONSTRICTOR and 1988’s under-rated RAISE YOUR FIST AND YELL, Alice Cooper left MCA Records and resigned a bigger better deal with Sony/Epic. This heralded a brief but lucrative era of bigger budgets, bigger guest stars, bigger videos, bigger tours and bigger hair. The two albums that resulted (TRASH and HEY STOOPID!) brought Alice truly back into the mainstream. Sure the previous two albums had the die-hards happy and Metal fans curious again but it was the big hits of 1989-1991 that took him to the next level. One of the results was Cooper’s first million selling hit album in well over a decade. Naturally there were not one, but two home video releases, a simple video collection VIDEO TRASH (1989) and a live concert. The VHS was released in 1990 and the DVD in 2004.

Alice Cooper really tried to reinvent himself (again) and this concert is evidence of that. He became far more focused on the ‘song’ than the spectacle. The result is that for the Thrash Tour, Alice went out with stripped down stage show, some hungry young guns (again) and really pushed the new album. In fact, reviewing the set-list the DVD has eight of the ten songs from THRASH were played at the concert! Only ‘Why Trust you?” and ‘Hell Is Living Without You” didn’t make the cut. That fact alone is impressive. Most bands will play 3-4 songs from a new album on the tour or on very rare occasions play the entire new album (eg. Iron Maiden) but have Alice performing 80% of THRASH speaks volumes about his confidence in the new material.

ALICE COOPER THRASHES THE WORLD was shot in Birmingham, England, and is lean and mean, just like the DVD. There are no bonus features, no commentary, just the concert and credits. It is a multi-camera shoot and the sound is very good as well. As I said, the show is really stripped down, he minimized the theatrical element as well as the stage set. The show is divided into three main parts. The opening sequence is Alice (without makeup) and the band runs through a mix of old and run, covering four songs from TRASH. Then ‘classic 70’s Alice’ makes an appearance for six songs including the quite rare ‘Gutter Cats Vs. The Jets’ and this is the most theatrical segment of the show culminating with his eventual and inevitable decapitation. Then ‘streamlined’ Alice bursts back and launches into his hit single ‘Poison’ and the young band race to the finish line with another mix of old and new. Al Pitrelli looks so young! It was also nice to see a young fellow Canadian Pete Freezin (who I saw performing in a bar in Toronto with a band called XX) on the big stage.

I have seen a lot of Alice Cooper concerts (live and on DVD) and although I love the big glossy THRASH album, this DVD and concert is just one of his weaker shows. However he can’t be faulted, he set out to accomplish his goal of a leaner, more stripped down sound, singing more about sex than violence, and he did it, but the result was an average show and a bare bones DVD.
Track Listing

1. Trash
2. Billion Dollar Babies
3. I'm Eighteen
4. I'm Your Gun
5. Desperado
6. House of Fire
7. No More Mr. Nice Guy
8. This Maniac's in Love with You
9. Steven
10. Welcome to My Nightmare
11. Ballad of Dwight Fry
12. Gutter Cats Vs The Jets
13. Only Women Bleed
14. I Love the Dead
15. Poison
16. Muscle of Love
17. Spark in the Dark
18.Bed of Nails
19.School's Out
20. Under My Wheels
21. Only My Heart Talkin


Alice Cooper - vocals
Al Pitrelli - guitar
Pete Friesen - guitar
Derek Sherinian - keyboards
Tommy Caradonna - bass
Jonathan Mover - drums



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