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Mind Fr@mes
January 2017
Released: 2016, Punishment 18 Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Alogl, a band coming from Veneto, Italy, active since 2000. Since their first full length "The Wisdom Lost" in 2007 , followed by their second "Complex Shapes" in 2012, comes their third full length CD entitled "Mindfr@ames".

The album is really what you'd expect from a Melodic Death metal album. Brutality in every aspect: Growling vocals, heavy guitar riffs and drums that you'd think will pop every moment. Coming with the matching keyboard sound by the only female in the band, Giorgia, they make a perfect brutal combo.

Every song has its own story, starting from the vocal type, guitar style and rhythm. This way you can expect something new in every song. Starting off the album is "Falling Down". This song will really get you in to the album and let you know what to expect from the rest 9 songs. Definitively choosing this song as your opening song on a CD is a good choise, showing of yourself in the best light possible. Meanwhile the ending song, holding the title "Dazed By Pain" having the same energy as the first one leaves you with just the wish of listening more from this band.

They've been active for almost 17 years now and they still search for a development in their own sound, not seeking for a mainstream sound. You can definitively see this listening to the previous works, and then listening to this one.

In general for this album, it is a solid peace of music art. The guitars have solos on every song giving you a literal energy boost. Squealing sound of the guitar of a death metal band-what else do you need? As a big fan of melodic death metal, I can really give a very positive feedback to this. I'd definitively rate it in as one of the best of this genre for this year. The perfect mix of all the elements gives this album a perfect sound. I 'd recommend listening to it, if this is your in this kind of metal !

-Reviewed by Kire Jovanovski
Track Listing

01. Falling Down
02. Imp Of Perverse
03. Ego Shield
04. Together As Divided
05. Chaotic Muse
06. The Outsider
07. The Believer, The Agnostic and The Brutal Truth
08. Claws Of Fate
09. Paranoia
10. Dazed By pain


Alessandro Manta- Vocals
Michele Donato- Guitars
Matless- Drums
Giorgia Alfonsi- Keyboars

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