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Wreath of Thevetat
April 2009
Released: 2008, Woodcut Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Mr. Rock

Infectiously melodic and symphonic black metal, WREATH OF THEVETAT is a very strong entry into the Dimmu meets Cradle genre of black metal. Not old-school black metal, and that might turn some purists off, but leaning more towards the modern school of black metal.

Alghazanth are strong musicians, brutal when they need to be, but not brutal just for the sake of being brutal. Lead vocalist Goat Tormentor (man, these names are something else…) has his chops down, never really giving into an all-out metal shriek, but always has good control. Controlled and evil…just the way black metal vocals should be. Thasmorg and Grimort are a strong team, in the way Galder and Silenoz are, the guitars always in synch.

The songs on WREATH OF THEVETAT are solid and grand, each clocking in at around, or over, 6 minutes which allows time for the atmosphere to develop in each. Alghazanth are big on atmosphere, and on WREATH OF THEVETAT, that comes across nicely.

Alghazanth have released a good, solid album with WREATH OF THEVETAT. It’s not going to win over any old-school black metal purists, but those of you who are into the more symphonic sounds will no doubt like this disc. Not essential listening by any means, but still a good disc that’s going to get more than a few plays from me.
Track Listing

1. “Moving Mountains”
2. “ The Kings To Come”
3. “The Phosphorescent”
4. “On Blackening Soil”
5. “Rain of Stars”
6. “Twice-Born”
7. “Future Made Flesh”
8. “As Nothing Consumes Everything”


Goat Tormentor – vocals / bass
Thasmorg – guitar
Grimort – guitar
Ekholm – synth
Gorath Moonthorn – drums

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