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Subliminal Antenora
June 2001
Released: 2000, Woodcut Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

"One thousand different rooms full of pain... one thousand rooms of different pain..." - the 1st two sentences spit out on "painted from the forehead down to the toes" messengers of Satan and everything foul and evil, Finland's Alghazanth's 2nd full-length, SUBLIMINAL ANTENORA, pretty firmly describe my feelings over their new album. This is all full-out Black Metal the way most devoted ones from us have used to hear during the last few of years or so - having no own identity, no real catchy songs, no the necessary potentiality to stand out, no nothing - whatsoever!! Kinda sad as the overall sound quality here is actually better than they averagely have on this kind of rock-harder-be-blacker releases - and the album itself doesn't look like any cheap-made or anything by any means. What a pity!

It's just if you cannot bring it out any interesting - and yes, any "neck-breaking" or "ball-crushing", then you're close to dropping your weapons right there, y'know!? Therefore, I honestly think with this faceless, impotent and one-way shit you don't have too many rewarding years ahead of you. Bet Alghazanth won't be with us in 2005 as there's really one thousand of similar releases floating to the markets all the time - trying to kick our fat butts into the spheres of killing boredom and idiocy.

Probably there's a great bunch of people out there who may find this much more fascinating and an uplifting experience than me. The only thing I care for music, however, is that music is supposed to be good and entertaining. Good music's always good music; bad is simply bad - and with this album Alghazanth unfortunately screams in pain for the latter category.
Track Listing

01. Breathless Flesh Sculpture
02. The Igneous Embrace
03. Daemonolith
04. Netherworldly
05. Of Predators and Preys
06. The Mirrored Deathwish Paranoia
07. An Ode to the Bringer of Chaos
08. Anno Sathani


M. Kotamäki - Vox
Infection - Lead guitar
Thasmorg - Rhythm guitar
Grimort - Bass
Gorath Moonthorn - Drums

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