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Birds Of Prey
March 2011
Released: 2010, Pitch Black Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

BIRDS OF PREY is the debut solo album from metal singer Freddy Alexis (Witchblade, Panzer, Inquisicion). In his home country of Chile, the talented frontman has been forging a career in steel for decades that has seen him support international acts in concert such as Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray and Kreator.

After a short interlude piece, the listener is greeted with the aggressive and melodic mid-tempo power metal of lead off track "Shadows". The songs on BIRDS OF PREY are built and centered around the vocals of Freddy Alexis, who sounds both inspired and very capable, but never "over the top" so to speak, except maybe on the track "Metalizer II". Freddy's vocals come across as being very suitable for the power metal genre, falling somewhere between the mid-range and higher register and his English pronunciation is damn near perfect. "Golden Path" thumps along with a vintage Queensryche "Empire" like feel, with some mystical lyrics to boot. "Friendly Fire" has a catchy melodic twin lead harmony that fans of Iron Maiden should enjoy and possesses the kind of hooky qualities that make this tune a great candidate for a single or music video.

The album's title track, however, drags a bit and the chorus is a little too over repetitive. "Breaking The Spell" incorporates a progessive influence and has some pretty cool riffing from guitarists Carlos Sanchez and Julio César Alcaíno. "Metalizer II" goes for the jugular with some Painkiller inspired vocals and the albums most devastating drumming from Gustavo Echeverría. Three bonus remixed and remastered bonus tracks are also included.

BIRDS OF PREY makes for an enjoyable listen, the CD's production is very professional, the songs well crafted and the performances are top notch. Having said that, the one department that Alexis is lacking in would be the "Wow" moments. With the exception of "Metalizer II" there really isn't a lot of material on this disc that really takes your head off your shoulders. Considering this is the first solo disc from Freddy, that may be something he can work towards on future releases.
Track Listing

1. Into the Light
2. Shadows
3. Golden Path
4. Friendly Fire
5. Birds of Prey
6. Breaking the Spell
7. Without You
8. Oath
9. Metallizer II
10. The Witchblade
11. Inside my Heart
12. Killing Truth


Freddy Alexis - Vocals
Carlos Sanchez - Guitar
Julio César Alcaíno - Guitar
José Tomás Montecinos - Bass
Gustavo Echeverría - Drums

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