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Alex Masi
In The Name of Bach
April 2000
Released: 1999, Lion Music
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I've heard of Alex Masi before and knew he was "one of those shredder guitarists." My limited prior knowledge of his work did not prepare me for this Italian guitarist's renditions of 15 covers of Johann Sebastian Bach material. I was expecting a shred fest or maybe something like the very cool classical Yngwie CD Concerto Suite For Electric Guitar. However, this is not comparable. Firstly, the music here is entirely performed on guitar with the majority of the renditions played on acoustic guitar. There are a couple of pieces on the CD which are on electric such as the shredding "Presto from Violin Sonata #1 in G Minor BWV 893." If you're wondering what's with the "song" titles - well all of them are named in a similar fashion as are most classical pieces.

In The name of Bach was recorded at Alex's home in his own digital recording studio. This CD will not be for everyone. Fans of instrumental guitar will love it as will open-minded fans of classical music. If you are looking for neo-classical shredding, then listen to Masi's other work or check out some Yngwie Malmsteen and Borislav Mitic. I myself am not a listener of classical music. That said, I do think that classical music has made for a great influence on metal - check out some Rhapsody for something that has a perfect blend of classical and metal. This Alex Masi CD is not a blend of metal and classical - this IS classical music played on primarily acoustic guitars.

Alex surely spent A LOT of time interpreting all this music and translating it to the guitar. Alex's guitar playing deserves a 5/5 for his playing on this CD. However, being a metalhead, I view this differently. This is not the style of music I am into. I can appreciate this and I am very impressed with the playing on this CD but I'd like to hear Masi in a speed metal band!!
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