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September 2000
Released: 2000, Akilles Music Inc.
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

From the true metal realm of swords and sorcery come Swedish metal warriors Akilles. A young band, who, I believe, has only this one release under their collective belts, Akilles sounds quite polished and developed. Their sound is akin to Hammerfall (surprise surprise) and other bands in that vein, but Akilles has a less studio-shined sound; the guitars are nice and dirty sounding and it perfectly fits the band.

“On My Crusade” is a speedy opener to the CD that shows off the Joacim Cans-like vocals of Magnus Styren. Hmm…another Hammerfall comparison. Ah screw it, who cares anymore! There are so many bands ripping off the true metal style that it is hardly worth it to complain anymore. Sit back and enjoy the good ones, I say. Of course, feel free to rain ridicule down upon the wannabes. Thankfully, Akilles is one of the good ones.

Anyhow, rants aside, “Twilight Eyes” is easily the highlight of the CD, featuring song awesome twin guitar leads in the middle. One place where Akilles does differ from Hammerfall is that they don’t fully rely on speed for most of their songs. “Here I Am”, “Eye of the Storm” “Twilight Eyes” and “Insane” are all slow to mid-paced songs that are more concerned with battering the listener about the head and neck area (anybody catch that reference to a classic comedy group?) than with speeding along like a train out of control. To a large degree, this plan works, but at the same time, some of the songs in the middle portion of the album tend to get a little samey. So, while the band does tend to tread a little to close to Hammerfall in a few places, Akilles is definitely a band of their own and would sound kickass without any comparisons. If you like true metal at all, do yourself a favor and contact Akilles! Web: Email:
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