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Internal Affairs
August 2010
Released: 2010, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

A. LostField is a new Columbian “band” that has the strangest membership I’ve ever heard. See, A.LostField stands for a guy called Ash Lostfield...but he doesn’t actually perform on the album. He writes the music and lyrics and two other guys, Ivan Amaya and Daniel Gongora, perform everything. Um...yeah.

Anyway, the music on their debut EP, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, is pretty standard traditional metal with a slight (i.e. barely even there) touch of melodic death metal in the guitars and rhythms. The thing is though, it’s not good. When I say “standard” heavy metal, you can also substitute the word “boring”. The riffs are average and plodding, showing little to no imagination in the writing. The only song that stands out as different is the instrumental “Internal” which incorporates some tribal ideas to spice things up.

It’s fitting that the instrumental is the most inventive and enjoyable song on the album because the vocals are a disaster. Both guys are credited with lead vocals, but there is clearly one guy that sings the most and, well, he stinks. He tries, and succeeds in at least sounding passionate about the lyrics, but his voice is weak, tinny, and annoying. His “growl” is pathetic at best. This is not to say that the other vocalist is good, no. He’s merely less terrible than the other guy.

I hate to say it, but INTERNAL AFFAIRS is not a good start for whoever is responsible for it. Boring music and bad vocals are a murderous combination, and A.LostField is going nowhere without a complete overhaul.
Track Listing

1) Dreaming About Scars
2) Forgotten Story
3) I Still Pretend
4) Internal
5) Hide Your Face
6) Marks from the Past
7) Just the Things You Know


Ivan Amaya
Daniel Gongora

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