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January 2005
Released: 2004, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finland’s carbon-Black/Dark metallers Ajattara’s unholy crusade to conquer the world continues on TYHJYYS (translated as “Emptiness”), the threesomes third full-length album. Just like on their previous albums, the band relies on mid-paced rhythms, a strong use of melodies, bold and somewhat eerie and tormenting atmospheres that provide kind of a darkened soundtrack feel to the album.

These three masters of dark, twisted and filthy perversities have managed to keep up the quality of their songs on a very high level both structurally and lyrically. When it comes to the lyrics, I can never stop admiring Ruoja’s skills in making his lyrics rhyme with the tunes so effortlessly and painlessly. Especially for me, as a Finn, his genuine and rich use of the Finnish vocabulary seems to be very extraordinary compared to many other lyricists as far as this particular Metal genre is concerned. His magnificently rhyming lyrics support the tracks incredibly well, giving them more depth and meaning that so many other bands tend to lack nowadays.

Well, there’s not much else that could still be revealed about this darn enjoyable album content-wise. TYHJYYS pleased me a helluva lot and I can predict it will have the same effect on you as well. This band has a very unique and original approach to the Black/Dark Metal genre. The band has found a true winning recipe and they have loyally been following it successfully from one album to the other. Ajattara just never fails to create an inspirational and focused Black/Dark Metal album and TYHJYYS as a whole only firmly strengthens this impression about them. A pretty damn awesome and entertaining album TYHJYYS is, undoubtedly. Now feel free to join the pitch-black darkness with them!
Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Sortajan Kaipuu
03. Katumuksen Kyinen Koura
04. Naaras
05. Armon Arvet
06. Pahan Tuoma
07. Harhojen Renki
08. Langennut
09. Uhrit
10. Tyhjyydestä
11. Outro


Ruoja – Vocals, guitar & synths
Atoni – Bass
Malakias – Drums

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