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March 2003
Released: 2003, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

A twisted bastard child named Ajattara based on some obscure musical obsessions and perversions of the Amorphis´ vocalist, Pasi Koskinen aka ´Ruoja´, want to share a topic about death, whores and corpses in many various yet ´interesting´ ways on the band´s 2nd studio album simply titled KUOLEMA (= ´Death´ in English for all of you who are curious to know…). Ajattara´s debut, ITSE, already proved that there are lots of potential in this threesome to create some really obscure and twisted Black/Dark Metal sounds. KUOLEMA continues right from there musically with the band´s kind of ´adventurous´ debut album left off. This time, their songs have taken a more advanced and polished shape. A vast amount of melody has found its way into their song structures, at least better than what some of us were witnessing on ITSE. In all honesty I have to say Ajattara definitely outdoes armies of more ´blackish´ metal acts in today´s very saturated Black Metal genre. That´s the hard fact. Their mid-paced, rich-sounding, Finnish-sung darkened Black(!) Metal is sickeningly appealing mostly due to the songs that are very good on the album as far as both the structures of them and the production are concerned. The Ajattara dudes have managed to capture a rather creepy and somewhat depressive atmosphere for the songs and that´s one of those things on KUOLEMA that makes the songs stand out on this - at least for me.

The album´s first two chants of utter blasphemy, “Antakaa Elää” and “Surman Henki” along with the fourth chant “Huoran Alla”, the sixth chant “Musta Leski” – and the last two closing chapters of this ´Kuolema´ saga, “Helvetissä On Syntisen Taivas” and “Rauhassa”, could be considered as some sort of ´highlights´ of their own kind off KUOLEMA that wholeheartedly rape, mutilate and murder your worthless soul by its obscure carbon-black Black/Dark Metal themes and atmospheres, leaving you begging for more. Absolutely no ´buy-play-throw-away´ shit here. Just ask Ajattara albums from your lovely girl-/boyfriends for your B-day presents or something. If they cannot buy them due to lack of money, then ask them to go steal them for you. Anything can be done in the name of true love, right? ;=)
Track Listing

01. Antakaa Elää
02. Surman Henki
03. Haureus
04. Huoran Alla
05. Ikiyössä
06. Musta Leski
07. Sielun Särkijä
08. Kituvan Kiitos
09. Helvetissä On Syntisen Taivas
10. Rauhassa


Ruoja – Vocals, guitars and synths
Malakias – Drums
Atoni – Bass

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