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November 2001
Released: 2001, Spikefarm Records
Rating: 4.2/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Finnish-sung Black Metal ain’t too stunning news any more - at least not here in Finland where most of the metal bands have always been trying to strive for, more or less, their own, distinctive sound. Ajattara, “an alternative creation”, put together by “Ruoja” (AKA Pasi Koskinen - vocals, guitar & keyboards), better known for being the vocalist in the Finnish prog-metal band Amorphis is joined by Malakias (drums) and Atoni (bass).

Compared to the majority of Black Metal acts, there’s not a single “160 miles per hour straight to a concrete wall and straight thru it” part to be spotted from the song structures of Ajattara at all. On the contrary, the guys focus on writing dead-heavy, mid-paced yet very catchy tunes that pin a listener to the wall indelibly and leaves him/her gasping for air in amazement. You can indeed hear from everything that Ajattara isn’t a rushed project. All the 10 songs - the song titles written in Finnish (hardly surprise!), are very much thought-out, well rehearsed, well-executed and have no dead moments in them at all. Ruoja grabs your attention immediately by his "Vainamoinen-helvetista" shrieks and evil-tinged conjuration. His lyrics also are interesting yet exceptionally well written. Just too bad for those of you who don’t understand a single word of our language, ‘coz there’s no English translation for the lyrics on the lyric sheet of the CD. But in case someone would like to get an idea of his lyrics, they pretty much cover themes such as Hell / lost souls / blood / fire...and just even more. The lyrics are like little runes with "FOR ADULTS ONLY!" -sticker stamped all over them presenting Ruoja’s true abilities as a talented lyric writer.

It’s hard to draw out any comparisons for Ajattara ‘coz I don’t think there’s any band out there that sounds like them, so no comparisons for them will be made. Instead of that I warmly suggest you to check them out if you wanna widen your knowledge about a subject - even for yourself only: "Black Metal WITH A DIFFERENCE". Very recommended stuff here indeed!!!

Track Listing

01. Yhdeksäs
02. Verivalta
03. Musta Aurinko
04. Kuolevan Rukous
05. Ägräs
06. Murhamiesi
07. Tulessa
08. Manan Lapset
09. Rajan Takaa
10. Vihan Musta Tanssi


Ruoja - Vocals, keyboards
Malakias - Drums
Atoni - Bass

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