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Break Through The Static
December 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Canadian Carnage! Because I am a true patriot, once or twice a year I like to do a quick spotlight and some short reviews on newer, independent, underground Canadian Metal bands. That time is now! Thanks to all of the bands who sent me material for my spotlight. In the spirit of the PMRC, I have chosen a ‘Filthy Fifteen’ (+1!) as some (but not all!) of the bright lights, innovators and leaders of Canadian Metal. Most of them are independent bands releasing their debut album or EP in 2017. Check these bands out, they are the future of Metal! They are (listed alphabetically)…

Abomb (Calgary)

Decatur (Toronto)

Emblem (St. John’s)

Evereal (Mission)

Hammerdrone (Calgary)

Heaven’s Fire (Toronto)

Hounskull (Mississauga)

Ice War (Ottawa)

Maglor (Calgary)

Monarch Woods (London)

Operus (Toronto)

Osyron (Calgary)

Solarus (London)

The Lightbringer (Quebec City)

To The Mountains (Lethbridge)

Votov (Winnipeg)

A-Bomb are a brand new Calgary band. They have just released their debut four track EP called BREAK THROUGH THE STATIC. Even though it is a low-budget independent presentation, it is still OK and the cover art is really neat.

This Power trio reminds me a bit of slightly smoother versions of Motorhead, Raven, Venom and any number of rough ‘n ready, old-school NWOBHM power trios. Judging from the photo on the back they live the Metal life. I like the vocals of Faith Alexis, she really hits some decent notes without sounding too sweet or processed in the studio. The songs have a good tempo and some nice solos as well as they just put their heads down and rock out!

They blast through four songs in a mere 13 minutes, no frills, no cover tunes, no extras, just four great songs. This is a good introduction to the band and I think they have a ton of promise.
Track Listing

1. Queen Of The Night
2. Rocker Roller
3. Midnight Warriors
4. Break Through The Static


Faith Alexis- Vocals / Guitar
Jenny Brisebois Bass
Nicole Niewinski Drums



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