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Air Raid
Point of Impact
March 2015
Released: 2015, High Roller Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

If there is such a thing, then Sweden must be the country that contains the Font of Never-Ending Metal. So many high-quality bands come out of the country that it’s nearly impossible to count – and they just keep on coming! Case in point is Air Raid, formed in 2009 and already with a debut album (NIGHT OF THE AXE) under their belt.

The other great thing about Swedish bands is that they allow themselves to be inspired by all of the various eras of heavy metal. In Air Raid’s case, that is unarguably the NWOBHM. Listening to POINT OF IMPACT, it’s easy to imagine that this is a long lost release from 1981; competing with Iron Maiden, Saxon, or Tygers of Pan Tang. Fortunately for everyone, Air Raid are smart enough to not just peddle retro-metal, but include hints of other influences are well (namely, power metal from both sides of the Atlantic). The vocals are strong and clear, ringing out the typical tales of battle and the glory of heavy metal that you’d expect. The guitars are exquisitely twinned, and an absolute pleasure to listen to. When this band locks into a great riff (say, “Victim of the Night”), it’s a joy to hear. I also must congratulate the rhythm section as the drummer is both thunderous and entertaining and the bass bubbles just underneath the guitars and complements the whole thing, as it should.

Reeking of denim & leather, POINT OF IMPACT is an excellent album start to finish that deserves your attention. While Air Raid doesn’t exactly attempt to expand their musical horizons, they’ve concocted a thoroughly entertaining album that never disappoints.
Track Listing

1. Bound to Destroy
2. Madness
3. Victim of the Night
4. Wildfire
5. Flying Fortress
6. Vengeance
7. The Fire Within
8. We Got the Force


Arthur W. Andersson: Vocals
Andreas Johansson: Guitar
Johan Karlsson: Guitar
Robin Utbult: Bass
David Hermansson: Drums



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