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Promo 2003
August 2003
Released: n/a, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

Hungary has a strong record for producing some excellent, if unknown metal. Joining the ranks of the great Hungarian bands along with Pokolgep and Ossian is the new band, Agregator.

Promo 2003 isn’t an “official” release, but rather a collection of 8 songs from the band’s 2000 demo, Puszta lét, and 2001 EP, Túlontúl. The first 4 songs are from Túlontúl, and the last come from Puszta lét. Regardless of the format or source, I really enjoyed the sound that Agregator offers on this collection, which sounds to me like a mix of Gothic heavy metal in the vein of late Crematory (Especially on BELIEVE, minus the keyboard atmosphere) with the traditional metal of Iron Maiden (especially with some catchy melodic double-leads) and In Flames-WHORACLE-era.

A short bass intro opens the first track, “EdenEast.” The shortest track on the demo, this one is also the catchiest. The vocal delivery, in a nice, deep, throaty growl (Not unlike Felix of Crematory), provides a nice contrast with the melodic guitar work. I love the groove to this track; guitarists Tamas Mikus and Laszlo Seller provide a tight weave of crisp riffs and melodic, though rather standard, hooks. One track in, and I’m already digging this. The first track is pretty much representative of what is to come on the rest of the album. “One Powered,” “Painting the Chaos,” “Without Colours” and “The Apostate” are a bit slower. Speaking of “Painting the Chaos,” the outro solo is some fine work. The gems on the album, however, are the faster tracks, “Eden East,” “Stampede,” and my favourite “Demise.”

Because Promo 2003 is pieced together from two different releases, it is somewhat difficult to get a feel for the entire band and their works. After 8 tracks and nearly 40 minutes of fine Gothic power metal, I’m hooked on Agregator. I will certainly be requesting a copy of their debut full-length, A semmi ágán, when it is released this year.
Track Listing

1. Eden East
2. One Powered
3. Stampede
4. High Water Mark
5. Demise
6. Painting the Chaos
7. Without Colours
8. The Apostate


Peter Boros - drums
Roland Liviczki - bass
Miklos Toth - vocals
Tamas Mikus - guitar/vocals
Laszlo Seller - guitar

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