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Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Bestial Machinery
June 2006
Released: 2005, Relapse Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Asassinkiller

In a sea full of mediocre metal releases, every once in a while you hear something that really stands out, but for it’s complete lack of quality. BESTIAL MACHINERY from the Agoraphobic Nosebleed grinders is one of the worst CDs I have heard in a long time. And that is sad, cause I had heard a lot of good comments about the band.

BESTIAL MACHINERY is boring. How can this nonsense be called music? The problem is not that the double CD contains 136 songs. It is not that every song sounds the same and most of them last very few seconds (I know its grind, but this is third quality grind and the lack of content in any doesn’t do it for me.). The problem is that the standout tracks of this release are covers by D.R.I and C.O.C. Even the cover of Napalm Death gets lost in this quality lacking release.

Well, now to the facts. This CD is a compilation that contains various 7” vinyl’s and split CDs that have previously been unreleased. So all in all, this can be interesting if you are a big fan of the band and have been searching for throughout the years for the splits, EP’s and everything that the band has put out in their history.

As I said, I expected a lot more from these grinders and got nothing in return. 3 songs out of 133 made my day, and these songs came from different minds. I haven’t heard other stuff from the band, but if titles like “Typical Tough Guy Bullshit”, “Black Ass, White Dick” and “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” is similar to what they do today. Someone should drop a nuke on their noses and bleed them to death.
Track Listing

CD 1
5% Control
Conform To Death
Life Is Pain
Profit Is The Motive
Snake Charmer
Chasing A Dream
Loss For Words
Your Insecurity
Rich Get Richer
Ode To A Junkie
Crawl Of The Mind
What I Did On My Summer Vacation
One More Drink
Forgotten In Space (Voivod)
Letter Bomb
El Topo
Vapor Lock
Victims As Dogs
Dead Above The Neck
The Executioner VS. The Sodomite
From Above
Green Inferno
100 Dead Rabbits
Circle Of Shit
Eight Girls Instead Of Nine
Sex On The Flag
The Newlyweds Are Raped
10.000 Bullets
Lithium Daydream
Doubled Over
Suicide Note #1
From Filth To Defilement
Who Can Wreck The Infinite
Morphine Constipation
Unholy BMX Fights The Nod (Morphine Constipation Remix)
Exceptional Waste
Fat Fucking Chance
Holy Mountain
Arrival Of Bees
Where You Like
Pain In Living
Lose Your Will
Unbelievable Stress
Another Useless Asshole
My Life Is A Money Pit
Debilitating Headache
The Power Of Dolemite
Cut To Happy Hour
Military Scientist
Kool-Aid Feedbag
The Big Fuck You
Computer Lethargy
Hessian Bodyfarm
Glade, A Straw and A Sandwich Bag
DC 5
Hungry Child (C.O.C.)
I'd Rather Be Sleeping (D.R.I.)
I Don't Need Society (D.R.I.)
Black Ass, White Dick
Black Market Blastbeats
Death Takes A Shit 2 (Assnuke)
Ketamine And Kryptonite
Pud Rock

CD 2
Hammer Fight
Can You Dig?
Retardo Montalbon
Death Takes A Shit
Panic Gasp
Hooker Bomb
Pigs Smell Fear
Fuck Your Soccer Mom
Baby Cannon
You Have No Rights
Just A Band
Gorrendously Mutilated
Habitrail For Humanity
Inappropriate Response
Nickel Plated Knuckle Fuck
Recovering Contraband From A Constricted Airway
Nice Ass
Hysterical Misery
My Own Rules
Measure The Bite Marks
The Alcoholic Pain
Eyes Like Two Pissholes In TheSnow
Pediatric Burn Unit
I Smell Really Bad
Ten Fucking Steps
The Grief That Summer Brings
Driven To Succeed
So Many Car Phones, So Few Bullets
McCarthy Witch Hunt
The River
Hate Disguised As Legislation
Fucking Move Prick
The Pros And Cons Of The CIA
Scare Tactics
If You Thought Elvis
Disease Bomb
Gratuitous Wound Photos
Broken Political Wing
Full Metal Swimsuit
Swimming In The LaBrea Tar Pits
Tough Guy Bullshit
I Feel Dumb
Ritalin Attack
Absolutely No Samples
Driven To Succeed 2
Bloated And Complacent
Privy To War
Typical Tough Guy Bullshit
Man's Hate (Sore Throat)
I Gave You My Life
Control (Napalm Death)
Ladies And Gentlemen


Richard Johnson: Vocals
C. A. Schultz: Vocals
J. Randall: Vocals, Electronics
Scott Hull: Guitars, Machines

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