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Aggression Core
June 2001
Released: 2000, Peak Records
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: Rick

If you can’t already guess by the band name, Aggression Core have sound that is strongly based in hardcore. They also mix in a decent amount of thrash to make this Cd more than your average hardcore screamfest. A major claim to fame for Aggression Core is their lead guitarist, Curran Murphy, is the touring guitarist for Nevermore. This in itself makes this an interesting release for me as Nevermore is one of my favourite bands and any guitarist that they bring on tour with them obviously has some chops. Aggression Core was formed in 1994 and released their debut e.p. "Dead God" soon after. The band toured extensively and finally signed with Peak records in 1999. They went into the studio and the result was their self titled CD. The current Lineup of the band is James King: vocals, Curran Murphy: guitar, Dale Plunkett: drums and Joe Jauregui on drums.

"Invisible Empire" kicks of the CD with some pretty strong lyrics which oppose the KKK and other white supremacist groups. The solo in "Pure" is a great indication of why Nevermore has Murphy along on the road. He provides a quite thrashy solo which elevates this song and adds to its thrash appeal for me. The speed dial is turned up a notch on "Drown in Your Pain" which leads right into the decidedly unmelodic "Face Down". The Cd also contains re-mixes of "Invisible Empire" and "So what if I Murder" which also appear on the Cd in their regular forms.

Curran Murphy is the reason that I was interested in Aggression Core. As I have said Nevermore is one of my favourite bands and anyone involved with them must be a top notch musician. That being said I was expecting to hear something completely different from AC. They are as heavy and as pissed off as hell but I expected a tad more melody. Well, they are light on the melody but if you are in the mood for some aggressive, in your face, full speed ahead heaviness. Check out Aggression Core.
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