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Age Of Disclosure
To The Universe
August 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It is interesting how over the years how people who have never met can stay in touch. Many years ago (in 2001 to be precise) I reviewed the debut CD by the Swiss band Emerald featuring a young Jvo Julmy on vocals and we have sort of kept in touch, even if rarely. Recently the band Age of Disclosure contacted me and asked for some support and once again Jvo comes to attention as a the partial vocalist of their debut album TO THE UNIVERSE. I say ‘partially’ because Jvo shares lead vocal duties with Orlando Skrylls and yet another two singers who do a track each. This makes for a bit of a schizophrenic listening experience.

The Swiss band has issued their 13-cut, 55-minute debut as an independent production. Actually it was songwriter and guitarist Ben who got in touch with us and was kind enough to send me a hard copy of the CD. It is a decent package with a small booklet, nice cover art and nice, clear production.

Age of Disclosure plays a very traditional brand of melodic Metal with influences ranging from Iron Maiden to slightly mellower stuff, almost Hard Rock at times, maybe in the modern era Dokken zone. Naturally I prefer the harder, heavier faster songs! There are some nice compositions, all quite conventional songs in the 4-5 minute zone with decent choruses, good riffs and crunchy guitar.

I don’t know why, but to my ears, the album starts with a couple of slower, more melodic songs. I would have liked some of the faster more ‘Metal’ songs to have been emphasized right up front. Speedier, more powerful cuts like ‘Off The Cross’ or ‘Already There’ would have been better choices to launch the album. Overall I’d like to see some more energy, speed and intensity mixed in with these solid songs but otherwise it is a decent debut by any standard.
Track Listing

1. Rumour
2. Peace Requires No War
3. Off the Cross
4. Bliss for You and Me
5. Beautiful
6. I Am Forever
7. Already There
8. In Your Eyes (Little Girl)
9. Committing a Crime
10. Age of Disclosure
11. Though I Don't Know You
12. Black-Hearted Man
13. Love Solution


Syn Schütz Vocals
Orlando Skrylls Vocals
Jvo Julmy Vocals
Roman Burri Vocals
Ben Sollberger Guitar
Christian Busch Guitar
Adriano Troiano Bass
Buddah Craven Drums



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