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Age Of Atlas
Of Tongue And Tide Of Flame And Honey
November 2016
Released: 2016, Fruit Trade Music
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Introducing Age Of Atlas, a band which plays melodic, mathy hard rock. They are founded in 2012 in the city of Hull. Having four members, 2 twin brothers, Kye on bass and Keelan on guitar, Peter on Vocals and Mikey on drums, they can make you headbang your head hard, but at the same moment feel relaxed. While little people know about them following the EP: The Scale of Things to Come , they released a full album this September named Of Tongue And Tide Of Flame And Honey. Having this piece as your debut album can assure you a promising future on the scene.

As soon as you put your headphones on and play the first song, you know you are in for a good time! Changing vocals from roaring to whirling , combined with catchy guitar riffs and solos, followed by a good bass and drum parts gives this album the beauty it has. Being heavier than rock, but softer than metal gives you a confusing thought of what are you listening. Keelan on the guitars does a pretty damn good job , not always heavy distorted, he can make you sometimes headbang but sometimes sit down, and just sing along the songs. Having the melodic parts in the album really gives it a top notch and gives it a very good feel. The vocal, adapting perfectly with the guitar can go from a heavy growling to a soft voice which attaches to your ears as soon as u hear it. If you are not a very heavy metal listener this is the perfect thing for you.

Listening to the first song "Sleight of Hand of Glory", you get the idea of what this band is capable of doing. Starting off with a heavy guitar intro and raging drums, you get yourself in the music in a moment. Comparing their EP which was 2 years ago (2014) and this album you can definitively see the difference in the music, the hard work invested in the studio, their determination to become better and better. The band, willing to play their music live as much as possible, say that they are working on their second album.

You can sign up for a free copy of the album on their Facebook page. Given all, we can expect a lot of good stuff in the future from this band if they continue to progress, and work hard like they do now.

-Kire Jovanovski
Track Listing

1.Sleight Of Hand Of Glory
2.Natural Sciences
3.For The Feast That Follows
4.Father Of The Fear Of Falling
5.Echoes Of Empire
6.The Blackening
7.Dead Eyed Sigils Of Our Failures Against Distance


Peter Measures - Vocals
Keelan Beavers - Guitar
Kye Beavers - Bass
Mikey R Scott - Drums

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