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Chapter III
December 2001
Released: 2001, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.7/5
Reviewer: El Cid

This is roughly how I felt about Agathodaimon:


HIGHER ART OF REBELLION-- > Uhhh… can you repeat the question?

BLACKEN THE ANGEL had been magnificent in my eyes, I loved every minute of it and thought that this band had a lot of potential to cause a big impact on the black metal scene, specially since they aren’t from Norway. Then Came HIGHER ART OF REBELLION, an album that while not bad musically speaking, lacked something in my eyes… it was a let down. I was disappointed and worried that the band would be taking a different direction that they lost the flair that had appealed to me… well that anything had happened.

Thus said, I was rather anxious to hear CHAPTER III, I wanted to see what was happening with Agathodaimon, I really wanted to believe in them, and I was not disappointed!

CHAPTER III is extremely focused on the melodic and atmospheric feeling, it transmits a certain feeling to you, it makes you listen to every note and every sound put into the recording. The compositions are obviously more mature and I find this to be a very big plus, it’s not all aggression now, it has a lot more feeling and a lot more structure to support this German band’s great passion. One of the biggest Advantages on CHAPTER III is the fact that all the songs are very catchy, and the mixing of super fast guitars and the well executed and sometimes gothic-feeling ridden melodies blend nicely together. Something I thought I’d never say is that I actually heard a sort of Black Metal ballad, but I did. If I had to name a song as the Black Metal ballad prototype I would definitely chose “Sacred Divinity”… This song starts out with a clean voice and a piano lead that serves to set the mood for what appears to be a power metal “tear-jerker, but at exactly 1:30 into the song, the guitars enter the picture and the voice turns into black metal screeching for a few moments before returning to the clean voice.

If I had to draw out what impressed me the most about Agathodaimon, it would definitely have to be that I didn’t expect to hear this quality of Black Metal coming out of Germany. If anything at all, this band has nothing to ask of Immortal or Dissection, their future releases, if following the logic progression from this one will consolidate them as one of the best Black Metal bands on Earth!
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