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Nuclear Rodeo
May 2008
Released: 2008, Pure Steel Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

The current label (Pure Steel Records) of German melodic death metallers, Agamendon, calls the band´s 2nd album ´a new, melodic death metal masterpiece from Germany´. Well, despite how hard I would love to witness a new masterpiece of melodic death metal here, unfortunately I fail to see a masterpiece in this record even after some intense listening sessions.

Agamendon play a somewhat melodic death metal which tends to be a bit too monotonous and generic for my experienced, hard-boiled ears (in death metal). Sure, at best they can sound a very decent act actually; these German fellows brand of death metal comes across nicely heavy, partly grinding and it has lots of (Maiden-tinged) melodies thrown around all over their songs that should actually make a pretty decent sounding effort altogether. But it doesn´t. Namely NUCLEAR RODEO lacks of any kind of originality and is unfortunately relatively faceless and breathless content-wise. They do have a few good things going on here and there in their songs (songs like "Fallout" and "Invading" have actually lots of potentiality in both of them), but since it´s a well-done wholeness that counts - and that should make and leave the final, captivating impact on the listeners, it is missing from this album. And that´s kind of a shame because when one listens to these guys´ efforts for NUCLEAR RODEO, it´s somewhat easy to notice that they have at least tried to make an impressive album, but then failed halfway through toward the final outcome.

The band´s growler Dugi (he sounds great, by the way) reminds me of deceptively like a cross between Dave Rotten from Avulsed and Esa from Demigod (the demo era), now if that interests someone...
Track Listing

01. Prologue
02. Nuclear 4711
03. Fallout
04. Under Water
05. Downwards
06. Deadline
07. Invading
08. The Army of Ozzmoroth
09. Erasing Flesh Forever
10. Eradication Rodeo
11. Connecting Planets


Julian "Dugi" Hollesch - Vocals
Jens - Guitars
Andy - Guitars
Kai Overkamp - Bass
Tim Schlichting - Drums

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