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Pale Folklore
August 2002
Released: 1998, The End Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cid

What can I say about Agalloch? They are truly a great band and deserve a lot of respect that much is for sure. But on the side, what is really the deal with them? With their newest opus THE MANTLE coming out very soon, I thought that since I reviewed OF STONE WIND AND PILLOR a while ago it would only be fair to give you a somewhat quick rundown on their album prior to that.

PALE FOLKLORE is really one of those albums that just don’t fit into any category out there. If you want melodic guitars, they are here, if you want fill ridden drumming, it’s here, if you want operatic style female vocals, they’re here too… everything is packed into a beautiful piece of work.

When you think of putting this album into the CD player you need to know that it is best to do it when you aren’t in the mood to do anything else than listen to music (and maybe write reviews ;) ). The sadness transmitted by it is quite over bearing. The beautiful melodic guitar passages seem to swallow you whole into the world Agalloch has devised for you so you won’t really have the will to stop listening or focus your attention on much else than the excellent musicianship that is displayed here through sheer songwriting.

A somewhat (though not exactly accurate) suitable comparing point for this one would be to think of Opeth’s scope of vision. Though not musically close to Opeth itself, the mood PALE FOLKLORE creates is fairly reminiscent of MORNINGRISE-era Opeth.

In all a great release you will not regret buying once it has grown on you!

Choice Cuts: Hallways of Enchanted Ebony (****)
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