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Of Stone, Wind and Pillor
October 2001
Released: 2001, The End Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: El Cid

Following their immense debut album “Pale Folklore” Agalloch now brings us their original 7” demo along with 2 new tracks. What can I say that the seasoned fan doesn’t already know? This is a masterpiece. Excellent in every aspect.

The opening track “of Stone wind and pillor” is a walk around their debut album as it features a lot of lovely melodies permeated with that characteristic guitar sound that was present all over “Pale Folklore” but I think that the acoustic “Haunting Birds” is the best example of what Agalloch is trying to create here, truly a somber piece of work that will help you relax and brood at the same time. While being certainly fantastic, the first 3 tracks do not compare to the breathtaking 2 songs that follow though. “kneel to the Cross” and “A poem by Yeats” should give the listener a certain idea of the scope and literary influences of Agalloch, they are simply magnificent.

In all, the only complaint I have about this masterpiece (and the reason why it didn’t make a 5/5) is that it is an EP and it only gives us 28 minutes of this excellent band’s work. It will certainly be a big torture to wait for “Pale Folklore” ‘ s successor, but when it comes out, I’ll be running to the store to get it.
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