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September 2016
Released: 2016, Auburn
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

It’s good to know in these crazy, modern topsy-turvy times there are some solid consistencies, like Bill Peters, Auburn Records, George Mihalovich and Aftershok! The label may not release much and the band Aftershok isn’t too prolific but when the two forces of Metal unite, Metal magic happens!

Aftershok is back with their third album simply and quite appropriately entitled DETONATE. As hinted at the band is still on Auburn Records and although the story has been told 1000 times, we will quickly remind people that Aftershok rose from the remains of the excellent band Shok Paris. There is a slight change that occurred in the 11 years since BURNING CHROME was released and that is the recruitment of new vocalist Gord Shefforth. I’m not sure who this Canadian from the Maritimes ended up in the band from Cleveland but I’m glad he did!

DETONATE is a dozen tracks, plus intro, and an explosion of pure Metal. I immediate hear the classic sound of Riot and Judas Priest and ‘newer’ bands like Primal Fear. Great riffs, strong arrangements and nothing too fancy make this a delight for traditional Metal fans. The songs are driven along by a decent tempo, by long-time drummer George Borden, who employs a really nice mid-to fast double kick style giving all the songs a good sense of propulsion. The solos soar and blaze as George Mihalovich shreds up a storm. The songs sound great as well as Jim Dofka produced the album. One of the major highlights on the album are the vocals of Gord. To me he sounds a lot like Ralf Scheepers and that is a major compliment. He has range, power, endurance and force as he delivers song after song of soaring vocals. I don’t know why this guy is not more well-known in the Metal world. Once people hear this disc, maybe he will be!

DETONATE is a nice surprise, not surprising that it is good, that is a given that it would slay, but surprised that it finally came out after a couple of years of hinting and waiting after the album was announced in 2014. Finally without too much fanfare it is here! I’m extremely impressed and fans of True Metal cannot go wrong.
Track Listing

1. Prelude to Fear
2. Enter the Dark
3. Hang 'em High
4. The World United
5. Forever in Metal
6. When the Shadows Fall
7. Friend or Foe
8. In the Eye of the Storm
9. The Hunger
10. Ready to Rock
11. Under the Gun
12. Rise
13. Cities on Fire


Gord Sheffroth-Vocals
George Mihalovich-Guitar, Bass
George Borden-Drums



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