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Existential Dead End
November 2009
Released: 2008, Battlegod Productions
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

Melodic, very Swedish/Finnish sounding death metal from… Zwickau, Germany. Bring in Aeveron, and notice how well this German sextet can actually deliver on their 2nd album, EXISTENTIAL DEAD END.

What is definite, the Gothenburg sound is the most integral part of Aeveron´s main sound, added with certain folk-ish bits from bands like Ensiferum and Amorphis even. EXISTENTIAL DEAD END is basically close to a prime example of a well made and carefully crafted melo-death metal album where many fans of this particular genre can easily get their pants wet from. Lots of great riffing, beautifully built up passages from more aggressive and brutal parts to more melodic interludes, a clear harmony between gruff death grunts, occasional black metal type of snarling and nicely organized, clean vocal parts, etc. – it is all to be found from this album. Aeveron do their thing amazingly well - and in a respectable and pleasing way as far as their own concept for winning a fair slice on the map of melo-death metal world for themselves is concerned.

However, what is a little bit striking about this album, are lack of solos in their songs. The ones they have soloed for the songs of this album, are not that phenomenal, but they are still kinda spot-on. So yes, the absence of them actually is the only complaint I could dig out from this otherwise strong release content-wise of theirs – without even bothering to touch, or to underline some minor, secondary things that would be improvements. Otherwise I am very positive the fans of more melodic death metal style will find a satisfying enough amount of pleasure when giving a listen to this surprisingly good melo-death album.

Also one thing is already for sure. If this German bunch can just maintain this top-notch level and quality song-wise – and even slightly bettering their forthcoming songs (like by adding a bit more solos into their songs, perhaps?), we will most probably hear much more positive things about them in the future. EXISTENTIAL DEAD END definitely surprised at least me positively enough already, so I do have some pretty high hopes toward their next album, too.
Track Listing

01. The Embodiment of All Misery
02. Cathartic Rain
03. Take Heed of Trust
04. Bound for Victory
05. Autoapotheosis
06. Anger Complex
07. Contemplation
08. A Hymn to Mortality
09. Existential Dead End


Thomas Berthel - Vocals
Matthias - Guitar
Alex - Guitar
Dirk - Bass
Paul - Drums
Markus - Keyboards

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