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Burning The Shroud
November 2001
Released: 2000, Hammerheart Records
Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

BURNING THE SHROUD is a collection of rare Aeturnus stuff from various different sources. Clocking in at 52-minutes, this album is being sold as a mid priced CD. This probably isn’t that essential of an item to make the top of your "MUST-purchase" album list. Since this stuff is only for this compilation it only contains either unreleased - or hard to get material from these Norwegian pagan warriors, I guess it makes surely some sense to get it available for everybody for a reasonable price.

The title song of this very CD, BURNING THE SHROUD, is one neat fuckin’ ass kicker!! Truly downright aggressive deathrash-ish tune with lots of shredding riffing, tons of hammering blast beats, etc. - like everything you may crave for their menu with a violent yet extreme in-yer-fuckin’-face metal with all the venomous deserts and shit. The next two songs, "Midnatt Storm" and "Raven and Blood" are re-makes of their old classics and are meant to be released on this compilation. Good, mid-tempo songs with a few fast parts with some decent melody lines thrown in into the typical Aeturnus vein; nothing more, nothing less - only being followed up a 4-song set of "mass hysteria(!)", serving us "To Enter the Realm of Legend", "When the Crows Shadow Fall", "The

Summoning of Shadows" and "Cuchulain." This solid foursome shows their true strength as an intense and ripping live band. Watch out when they will come your way!

As a supposed bonus for the CD, HAMMERHEART have kindly added 3 more songs that have previously been available as a 7" and/or as bonus songs on a limited tour edition of ... AND SO THE NIGHT BECAME... This showcases the band’s primitive and unpolished character of the early days and what they have become on the verge of a new era in 2001. The murderous Death Metal with a razor-sharp Thrash edge they offer nowadays, has never tasted better (or bitter?) than it does now! A purely punishing Norwegian Death Metal assault against all the fakes and band-wagoners in today’s metal scene - punishing me, punishing you - punishing us all...

Track Listing

01. Burning the Shroud
02. Midnatt Storm
03. Raven and Blood (1999 version)
04. To Enter the Realm of Legend (live)
05. When the Crows Shadow Falls (live
06. The Summoning of Shadows (live)
07. Cuchulain (live)
08. Dark Rage (7" version)
09. Fire and Wind
10. In the Darkest Circles of Time


Ares - Vocals, guitars
Radek - Guitars
Vrolok - Drums
V'gandr - Bass

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