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Death, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism
September 2015
Released: 2015, Dark Descent
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Canada must be dark and slightly apocalyptic at this time of year if Adversarial's sound was any indicator. This trio that hails from Toronto have released or rather unleashed 'Death, Endless Nothing And The Black Knife Of Nihilism' their second full length release. After their initial album 'All Idols Fall Before The Hammer' Adversarial have been brutalising a path with an EP (Prophetic Plain Of Abyssal Revelation') released back in 2011 and have released two split albums (Initiated With Impiety As Mysteries-2012 with Antediluvian and Warpit of Coiling Atrocities-2014 with Paroxsihzem) within the interim. Now the band are four years on from their initial release which has divided some fans of death metal; some extremely impressed and infatuated whilst others who could not get round the album's production quality. All petty squabbles aside, Adversarial are an impressive outfit and have once again brought a chaotic collection of songs together that sheds more light on their cataclysmic offerings of blackened death.

The album opens with 'Dissenting The Waking Shell' and all hell breaks loose. Sheer pandemonium ensues as the trio batter their instruments with callous brutality to the effect of drilling a gaping hole in ones cranium with such brutal disregard. The riffs are a mix of tolling notes and droning rhythm whilst the drums are a constant bombardment with the snare getting completely annihilated throughout. C.S' vocals are harsh and overpowering as the sonic assault spreads out. The song does not relent throughout and ends with a ridiculous burst of blast beats and ruinous riffs which has effectively announced the band's intentions for this record. 'Intro' builds on the atmospheric side before a gruelling twist into 'Immersion Void Paragon' returns to this barbaric combination of blackened brutality. The band's nihilistic themes are perfectly entwined with the barrage of sound that they create as this beast of an album rolls on.

The format for the album is interesting as 'Interlude' halts the proceedings briefly before 'Cursed Blades Cast Upon The Slavescum Of Christ' resumes the onslaught as a pulverising continuum of bludgeoning, blasphemous forces swirl and coalesce into a tornado of destructive fury. The essence is dark and harrowing, a fiery path to lead the way into eradication. 'Old Ruins Slumber In A Crushing Hatred Of Man' begins slow albeit with a furious switch between sections of blast beats and incessant pounding of the snare which dominates the framework for the track. The song remains as a slower, more doom themed song as a darkness cascades down preparing for the penultimate track of the album, 'Lone Wresting Hymns To The Warmoon Of Chaos'. This serves as one of the finest tracks of the album which includes some sickening breakdowns and extremely potent riffs. Adversarial exhibit a great ability to switch between death and more blackened formations with great timing and effect and the penultimate song perfectly highlights this as a traumatising burst of intrepid anarchy closes the song.

The final song on the album and the title track continues on from the previous song's unadulterated ferocity as a tremendously terrifying growl opens for the final wave of monstrous, maniacal music. Another absolutely crushing track which again combines black and death together so brutally but so righteously. Adversarial are merchants of chaos and this album bleeds this sentiment. These three nihilistic Canadian warriors have exhibited exactly what Blackened Death metal is all about. The structures and timing of these songs are an excellent example of this sub-genre done right. The last song of this album is another shining example of the band's abilities and serves as the incandescent torch required to spread the flame of their scorched earth policy. A perverted combination of two sub genres that are merged with a divine skill to create a sharp edged instrument of morbid flesh tearing totality. Adversarial have done very well with this album as they hone their practice from each recording to the next, it will be very interesting to see what they can come up with next.

Track Listing

1. Dissenting the Waking Shell (4:19)
2. Intro (1:31)
3. Immersion Void Paragon (4:24)
4. Eonik Spiritual Warfare (4:37)
5. Interlude (1:57)
6. Cursed Blades Cast Upon the Slavescum of Christ (5:02)
7. Old Ruins Slumber in a Crushing Hatred of Man (4:31)
8. Lone Wresting Hymns to the Warmoon of Chaos (5:58)
9. Death Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of Nihilism (4:41)





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