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Adrift for Days
The Lunar Maria
September 2010
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Australian exports worthy of note:

1) Foster’s Lager

2) Kangaroo Boxing

3) Adrift for Days

Adrift for Days are a stoner/doom outfit from Sydney, and have just recently released their mammoth debut album, THE LUNAR MARIA. Named after the dark spots on the moon (formed by ancient volcanic eruption), THE LUNAR MARIA is 71 minutes of smoked out, psychedelic drone fuzz. In other words, it’s a rollicking good time for the entire family.

Combining the weightier elements of bands like Sunn O))) and Om with the ambience of Isis, Shrinebuilder, and Neurosis, Adrift for Days avoid the monotony of the typical drone crowd. The band offers up a fair bit of diversity through the 7 tracks, which keeps you listening once you’re locked in. “Bury All That’s Chosen” and “The Leech” have some groovy Clutch-isms, “Messages Through Sleep” sounds like an all-nighter in the desert with a bag of peyote, and “Along the Moon River” is 18 minutes of endurance testing aural molasses full of Hendrix inspired blues riffs.

It’s really easy to screw up this kind of music, but Adrift for Days really gets it right. Meaty slabs of doom slowed down to 33 1/3 speed with a few surprises along the way, THE LUNAR MARIA is the kind of album that you’d expect from genuine fans of the genre. Chalk this one up as another solid doom release for 2010. Check out Adrift for Days’ website for details on where to purchase a copy.
Track Listing

1.Bury All That’s Chosen
3.Messages Through Sleep
4.The Leech
5.Within These Walls
6.Along the Moon River
7.Waveform Collapse


Lachlan R. Doomsdale - Guitars
Ron Prince - Guitars
Steve Kachoyan - Drums
Mick Kaslik - Vocals, Drone flute, Effects
Matt Williams – Bass

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