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Adrian Weiss
Easy Game
October 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Adrian has slowly and surely been making a name for himself in the Metal community. I discovered him, (or it was actually the other way around, he contacted me!) via his band Gloryful and their new album, OCEAN BLADE which I really enjoy. I found out he was in Thought Sphere, and I have an old Thought Sphere album but I never made the connection until now. Adrien has just released his new solo album, EASY GAME.

Despite being an independent production Weiss really put some effort into the packaging and presentation of this CD. The booklet looks totally professional with a nice layout, design and cool graphics. Of course this is an instrumental solo album so there are no lyrics but Adrian has liner notes for each song so we can get into the mind of the creator. Assisting him on his solo album are Marcel Willnat (bass) and Lars Zehner (drums). Adrian also recruited quite a few friends to drop by a for a guest solo or two, including members of Necrophagist, Ravage and some of his band mates from his two other acts, Forces At Work and Gloryful.

EASY GAME is not pure shred by any means, there are many different tones, tempos and styles from the slap style of the opening cut ‘awkward Silence’ to some tender melodic stuff. To some middle-eastern flavoured stuff (‘Camel’s Dance’), this is a very diverse album, but still Metal no mater how you define it. There are a dozen tracks all in the 4-5 minute zone with lots of playing, solos and more playing! Some of the tracks have a bit more groove like ‘Second Sunrise’ and some are heavier such as ‘Immediate Measures’ and the pace varies from mid-pace to quick across the album. The title track is very fun and melodic and bouncy. There is a little bit for everyone and fans of guitar in general.

The thing I enjoyed most about EASY GAME is that the incredibly proficient musicianship blended with actual song-craft. Some solo albums are an exercise in technicality, which I enjoy as well, but Adrian always has a song structure to play around in, much like Joe Satriani. It seesm Vicotro Smolski has taken Adrian under his wing a bit, so you can’t get a much better endorsement than that! Regardless of who is on his album or who champions his work, EASY GAME is a great solo album that stands on it’s own merit.
Track Listing

1. Awkward Silence
2. Instant Relief
3. Aim to Please
4. Immediate Measures
5. The Last Days
6. Hacienda
7. Camel's Dance
8. Second Sunrise
9. The Offering
10. Easy Game
11. Night Owl
12. Offbeat Frankenstine


Adrian Weiss -Guitar
Marcel Willnat Bass
Lars Zehner Drums



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