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Burning Souls
July 2005
Released: 2004, Karmageddon Media
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

Adimiron is an up and coming new band from the land of melodic power metal, Italy. During 01-02 the band released one demo and one MCD that got some great response from the underground. Those releases gained the band several gigs in Europe (about 80 of them). The bio proclaims Adimiron to be “Always willing to play no matter where or what”.

The band earned the awards for best newcomer, best guitarist and best vocalist in one of the most important Italian web-magazines, which also happened during 2002. The next year started off with a lot of touring and the band also started to search for a record label in order to release their debut album. They chose to sign with the Dutch label Karmageddon Media in 2004.

I’ve never heard of this band until their album popped up and I listened to it for the first time. Adimiron’s music is described as innovative death/thrash and if you read on further down it says “Technically skilled death/thrash with blackish touches....all put into great songs with melodies and killer guitar solos”. I agree with the death metal description, with “blackish touches” they must refer to the lead singers various singing styles; he sings with both black and death metal voices. I think that they have musical similarities with how the Swedish death metal wave that came in the beginning of the 90’s sounded. The only difference is that Adimiron have an updated sound and they are also a bit more technical and have more tempo changes throughout the songs. There are long parts in the songs that don’t have any lead vocals and they have used keyboards that add a symphonic touch to the music; luckily they haven’t used excessively.

The busiest man in the band must be Alessandro; he’s the only guitarist and has to do all the guitar parts by himself, which he does wonderfully by the way. The lead singer Leonardo has the least to do ‘cause as I wrote earlier are there a lot of parts that’s strictly instrumental. Davide on bass and Davide on drums back up their fellow band mates perfectly and are both fast and technical. This band has a really heavy/brutal/aggressive and well balanced rhythm section.

I think that Leonardo should stick to singing only in death metal style ‘cause it sounds much better than the black metal parts and he should immediately get rid of the black metal singing style. He’s not one of the greatest singers ever but he can handle this kind of music and his voice suits this forum pretty well.

The keyboard parts are played by a third Davide but he’s apparently not a steady member of the band. And that might be lucky for him ‘cause they should get rid of the keyboard right away. You can’t play death metal with keyboards involved.

Alessandro sure can handle the guitar and can play everything from pure heavy metal to straight riffing guitar and he dazzles both as rhythm and lead guitarist. But to add more strength to the music and material I think they should consider bringing in another guitarist in order to let Alessandro focus on lead guitar.

BURNING SOULS was recorded during the summer of 03 before they were signed for Karmageddon Media. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered in New Sin Studios in Italy and produced and engineered by the band and Luigi Stefanini. The production sounds really good and the studio must have real good equipment ‘cause it sure is a killer production. It sounds just like death metal should without any compromises. It seems like the band knows how to act as producers as well.

BURNING SOULS consists of a total amount of 8 tracks, all of them written by the band. Some of the songs are really long for death metal songs, two of them are 7 minutes, two 6 and the shortest one is 2.30.

As a fan of early Swedish death metal I think that Adimiron sounds great and the material is of a high class straight through, but to be rated a 5 they have to work some more on the material.

The guys have the will and force to do great wonders in the future but yet they are still missing a few links in their material. Even though this is a great debut album it takes a little more than this to impress me but on the other hand have they got the future ahead of them and I’m really looking forward to hear the next album from Adimiron.
Track Listing


1) Delirium tremehens
2) New day denied
3) Cold anxiety
4) Forgotten memories
5) Suffering voices
6) Obsessive insanity
7) Endless worlds
8) Unexpected life


Alessandro Castelli – guitar
Leonardo Gioia – lead vocals
Davide Corliano’ – bass
Davide Carotenuto – drums

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