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The Shadow Mirror
December 2003
Released: 2003, Black Lotus Records
Rating: 1.0/5
Reviewer: Night of the Realm

I’m always sorry when I have to put down a new, upcoming band, but it’s painfully obvious from the very first minute of this album that Adamanter are not ready for their debut full-length. In terms of musicianship, songwriting, and creativity, these guys are not ready to tackle any project, let alone run with their big Italian power metal influences such as Vision Divine and Labyrinth. In fact, Adamanter does nothing but rehash the sound of the aforementioned bands without any reasonable attempt at creativity or new life.

The musicianship on THE SHADOW MIRROR is largely incoherent. The guitar work here is lacking in passion, as well as buried in the production. In addition, the vocals and drums (the weakest parts of the band), are mixed way too loud. Vocalist Mario Mosca is way out of time and pitch, nearly as bad as Wade Black’s vocals on Crimson Glory’s ASTRONOMICA, and the other Mosca does not hold together a strong battery.

A large part of the blame here should fall on Black Lotus Records, who have done a great disservice to everyone, not only to Adamanter, but to the metal fans out there by signing these guys way too early, then by not providing them with sufficient direction or production help. I would be more forgiving if this were a self-produced rough demo, but I cannot see how this band got a recording contract. I hope that Adamanter can learn from their mistakes on this album: the need for original songwriting, better production, and a greater passion for their music to achieve success on their next album. At least you’re not as bad as Power Symphony.
Track Listing

1. Minstrel Of Pain I, Immemory
2. Minstrel Of Pain II, Killing Ride
3. Minstrel Of Pain III, The Shadow Mirror
4. Minstrel Of Pain IV, Theatre Of Madness
5. Minstrel Of Pain V, Darkness To The End
6. Bloodstorm
7. A Leaf In The Whirl
8. Elisewin
9. Dancing Through The Cloud
10. Father
11. The Dark And the Ocean


Mario Mosca - vocals
Massimiliano Cammarota - guitars
Nicola Massimo - guitars
Fabio Russo - bass
Massimilian Mosca - drums
Umberto Micillo - keyboards

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