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Acral Necrosis
Eternal Nuklear Violation EP
March 2008
Released: 2007, Ground Zero Entertainment
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

All the hordes of Hell rejoin to enslave this weak world made by the weak Christians... Acral Necrosis (formerly Gammorah), this 4-piece incarnation of blasphemy and all evil, comes from Wigan/Leeds, UK. The band was formed in 2004, and the band´s name is "a symptom common in bubonic plague. The striking black discoloration of skin and tissue, primarily on the extremities, is commonly thought to have given rise to the name "Black Death," associated both with the disease and the pandemic which occurred in the 14th century."

So, there you have quite an explanation about the meaning of the band name. Sounds like fun, doesn´t it - ha! Musically, Acral Necrosis´ blackened thrash metal spreads around as easily like a plague indeed. Think something along the lines of early Order From Chaos and Fallen Christ, and I think we are quite close to Acral Necrosis as to how they actually sound like. The band´s music could be described best by such adjectives as ´violent´, ´hot as hell´, ´raw´ and ´ripping, crucifix-breaking´ blackened thrash that determinedly moves on like an all-annihilating division of tanks, saving no one from their unspeakable, murderous wrath. I suppose you got a picture anyway, didn´t you? This is all-round good stuff if you just happen to like more of an extreme side of underground black/thrash metal. All the primitive rage and energy that come through their music, makes one to give some credit what Acral Necrosis are all about. No wimpy stuff for wimpy ears or weak minds here, so now go´n hide your goddamned crucifixes.

There´s only 4 songs (catapulted over in less than 17 minutes) on this release - and that´s the only thing that bugs me a little bit because all the fun is over way too early before it even gets started. However, there´s also this so-called ´Die Hard´ box set available (limited to 24 copies only - probably all gone already?) which contains an autographed copy of the MCD, an Acral Necrosis embroidered logo patch, an Acral Necrosis backstage ´aftershow´ laminate pass, an Acral Necrosis logo t-shirt (exclusively available in this box set), an Acral Necrosis logo guitar pick and an Acral Necrosis logo sticker, all packed inside a mini road case. So if you manage to get one for yourself, or are a happy owner of it already, you must be very pleased by now, I think.

The next release from Acral Necrosis is going to be a 3-way split release with the Colombians Witchtrap and the Polish Warfist (on Ground Zero Entertainment, too), so hopefully that release will increase our appetite toward their stuff even more. Ave Satanas - ave Lucifer - ave Acral Necrosis!
Track Listing

01. Eternal Nuklear Violation
02. Unsanctified by Blast Thrashing Maelstrom
03. The Beast
04. Servants to a Blackened Sun


Al - Vocals & guitar
Nag - Guitar
Bondy - Bass
Pratley - Drums

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