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Acid Speech
Corrosive Riot
May 2010
Released: 2010, AreaDeath Productions
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen

There are basically a countless amount of old-school thrash bands coming out from Brazil nowadays – and that country in question may have the best scene for the old school thrash if you just happen to be a sucker for this type of stuff. I know I am, and I indeed do enjoy quite a bit what this Brazilian foursome, Acid Speech, does on their 5-track demo titled CORROSIVE RIOT, that was originally released on a limited 500 CD-R copies by the band.

Now Acid Speech demo has been re-released again, this time Chinese underground label AreaDeath Productions putting it out as a limited 666 copies (´kind of the standard batch´ I guess, ha-ha!) – and getting a treatment it deserves in the first place.

Like I hinted a little bit earlier already, musically this is nothing but old-school thrash to the max, giving its listeners some reason to take such names as (early) Kreator, (early) Destruction and (early) Slayer in comparison to their violent, straightforward and aggressive thrash metal assaults. I cannot help but mention their countrymen, Violator´s name, comes out from the shadows to the daylight when listening to this demo. I also cannot help that fact either, that even if I am personally a pretty good sucker for this kind of old-school-ish thrash (and will probably always be), it starts to sound a teeny-weeny bit generic at some places. This type of thrash shit has been churned out thousands or even zillions of times before, so nothing that special in them after all, I am afraid.

Acid Speech, however, does deliver with the embrace of their relentless and smoking old-school thrash to a certain extent, and I am quite positive I am not the only sucker for their uncompromising, denim-smelling thrash. Get this demo for yourself (if you don´t expect anything else but pure thrashing mayhem from them) while it lasts. Just remember: 666 copies won´t last forever though…
Track Listing

01. Masters of Misery
02. Into the Depths
03. Corrosive Riot
04. Victimized by God
05. Slowdeath


Marcondes Silva - Vocals and guitar
Renato Gama - Guitar
André "Pinga" - Bass
Rafael "Air head" - Drums

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