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A Liquid Landscape
Nightingale Express
June 2012
Released: 2012, n/a
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

A Liquid Landscape is an export from the Netherlands – a country not exactly known for its great number of hard rock bands. However, this band of two brothers and friends comes armed with a veritable army of back up and guest vocalists to help them (seriously, there’s at least six of them, and no, I won’t list them); maybe the band hopes that sheer numbers will help them get attention? I’m joking of course, as the band’s intriguing prog-rock style is more than capable of turning heads.

You’ll notice I said prog-rock, not prog-metal, as NIGHTINGALE EXPRESS is a decidedly lightweight affair, although it is certainly peppered with enough guitars to make it palatable to fans of heavy music. Regardless of how heavy the music may be, song writing is what makes or breaks an album and here A Liquid Landscape has decidedly mixed results. The ambitious 12-minute title track opens the album with captivating twists and turns, showing off pretty well everything in the band’s arsenal, not the least of which are Fons Herder’s soothing vocals. Sadly the rest of the album is too mellow and not nearly as engaging.

The later tracks on the album, like “Come On Home” and “Secret Isle” benefit from the use of the aforementioned guest vocalists, adding some extra spice to the music, but by and large the promised magic of the title track is long since dissipated. There is a refreshing quality to the album that many will find inspired, but it may be a bit too peaceful for others.
Track Listing

1. Nightingale Express
2. Wanderer’s Log – You
3. June Fifth
4. Phases
5. The Unreachable
6. Wanderer’s Log – Me
7. Thieves of Time
8. Out of Line
9. Come On Home
10. Wanderer’s Log – Storm
11. Secret Isle


Fons Herder: Vocals, Guitar
Niels Van Dam: Guitar
Robert Van Dam: Bass
Coen Speelman: Drums

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