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AC Angry
Black Denim
February 2014
Released: 2013, Dust On The Tracks
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

The debut from AC Angry hits North American shelves on Jan 14th but was released in Europe in November of last year. Does it count as a 2013 release or 2014? Either way it is an excellent album of hard rockin’ old school Metal. This is the style of Metal that spoke to me growing up. It was fun, enjoyable and had no deep meaning to it.

Some may label it as Hard Rock in the same vein as AC/DC or put it in a group alongside other borderline artists that have Metal aspects but not pure 100% Metal. To my ears this qualifies. It kicks ass and has all the criteria of an 80’s Metal band. While it may not be as heavy as the latest Death Angel it’s still heavy. There is a tinge of Motorhead influence in a few places but for the most part AC Angry are bringing the old Hard Rock sound back. This seems to be the trend lately as I have heard other albums that could have easily came out in ’88.

BLACK DENIM is filled with distorted guitars played through Marshall amps. You can visualize these guys playing with beers on top of the stacks, wearing dirty ripped jeans. Real music for the working class Joe. Excellent album that you just have to turn up and crack open a cold one.
Track Listing

Booze Horse
Rock ‘n‘ Roller Roller Rolla!
It‘s Good To Be Bad
You Got The Thirst – I Got The Booze
Black Denim
Like A Riot
Hellrock Anthem
AC Angry


Alan Costa: Vocals & Guitar
Stefan Kuhn: Lead Guitar
Dennis Kirsch: Bass
Sascha Waack: Drums

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