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Massive Cauldron Of Chaos
December 2014
Released: 2014, Indie Recordings
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Fucking hellfire! Norwegian nasties 1349 have returned with MASSIVE CAULDRON OF CHAOS, their sixth full length album, and what a savage beast it is!

The album opens with "Cauldron", and icy blast of malevolence, and is followed by the perverse thrash attack of "Slaves" which brings to mind fellow Norwegian scoundrels Immortal. Track three "Exorcism" is a bit dull, but the album regains its potency with the frostbitten venom of "Postmortem". Next up is "Mengele's", a pitch black paean recounting the appalling crimes of the infamous Nazi "Angel of death". This is followed by the short sharp shock of "Golem", which is 1.49 of Hardcore wickedness. The album closes with technical putridity of "Chained", and the anthemic "Godslayer", two damn fines slabs of Black Metal carnage.

MASSIVE CAULDRON OF CHAOS is black metal as it was originally conceived. There is absolutely no pretense about it. There are no attempts to dazzle the listener with Benedictine chants or Peruvian nose flute solos. It was probably even written in the shadow of the horns!

Review by Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1) Cauldron
2) Slaves
3) Exorcism
4) Postmortem
5) Mengele's
6) Golem
7) Chained
8) Godslayer


Seidemann - Bass, Lyrics (track 6)
Ravn - Vocals
Archaon - Guitars, Songwriting, Lyrics (track 3)
Frost - Drums, Songwriting (track 6), Lyrics (tracks 6, 8)

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Massive Cauldron Of Chaos
December 2014
Released: 2014, Season Of Mist
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Addison Herron-Wheeler

1349, one of the most revered bands out of Norway, have been playing together since 1997. Their inspirations are grim and true black metal like Mayhem and Celtic Frost, but with their own distinctive and Norwegian sound. Their newest album, MASSIVE CAULDRON OF CHAOS, brings an unrelenting black metal assault that delivers on a primal level.

Each song on the album is an aurally explosive, yet they never stray so far into the abyss as to not be catchy and extremely listenable. The song “Godslayer” especially is a real head nodder, to the point that the riffs and refrains will stick with you. The album art is also gorgeous; the intricate sketches on the front and back cover really accentuate the music, and the deluxe album comes with an awesome embroidered patch.

If you’re a fan of 1349, or if you haven’t heard the band yet but you’re a lover of black metal, I would highly recommend checking this album out. The sound and imagery are remarkable, and the overall delivery leaves nothing to be desired.
Track Listing

1. Cauldron
2. Slaves
3. Exorcism
4. Postmortem
5. Mengele's
6. Golem
7. Chained
8. Untitled
9. Godslayer


Olav "Ravn" Bergene – vocals
Tor Risdal "Seidemann" Stavenes – bass
Idar "Archaon" Burheim – guitar
Kjetil-Vidar "Frost" Haraldstad – drums

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