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9mm Solution
The Dream Is Dead
September 2009
Released: 2009, Rock Ridge Music
Rating: 1.5/5
Reviewer: Robert Williams

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s 9mm Solution feature in their ranks Dave Gregor and Jason Hellman formerly of the well received death metal group Morta Skuld. 9mm Solution is comprised of Dave and Jason alongside vocalist Hobbes Caltous with drummer Joe Tilman. “THE DREAM IS DEAD” the band’s second full length effort follows the 2006 release “One Shot One Kill” as well the “Trial” EP released in 2004.

Musically 9mm Solution is a great departure from Dave and Jason’s former band Morta Skuld. THE DREAM IS DEAD definitely conforms more to a modern approach and is deeply set in the realm of “Jump da fuck up!” Soulfly-isms. I wouldn’t quite tag this as straight forward nu-metal; as this disc does come across as being more musically rooted in hardcore.

Opening with the title track which sounds very much like generic background music you’d find on a Mtv2 Headbanger’s Ball intro; 9mm Solution brings a heaping helping of boring and sluggish riffs to the table. This is pretty mindless and bland stuff not to mention about ten years off the mark in terms of commercial relevance.

Vocalist Hobbes Caltous does try to mix things up from a traditional sort of abrasive vocal approach to a more modern melodic clean voice on tracks like “Suicide Letter” and “Hate This Place” the guitars however stick to playing it safe for the majority of the album which is frustrating because you can tell that Dave Gregor is a dependable rhythm player and I would have liked to see some lead guitar pyrotechnics demonstrated from him.

As the album closes with the seemingly aggressive pounding of “Visualize To Terrorize” I am somewhat relieved that this trip down 1998 boulevard is over. With so many exciting things currently happening in metal I can’t see why a band made up of such stellar musicians would beat a dead horse the way 9mm Solution does.

On a side note this turd of a record also known as THE DREAM IS DEAD is produced by Tim King of Soil whose name you might also associate with his former much cooler band Oppressor. Strange coincidence or birds of a feather?
Track Listing

1. The Dream Is Dead
2. Below
3. Within A Minute
4. My Real Enemy
5. Hate This Place
6. Suicide Letter
7. I Can Only Hurt
8. In Too Deep
9. One In The Chamber
10. Visualize To Terrorize


Hobbes Caltous - Vocals
Dave Gregor - Guitars, Vocals
Jason Hellman - Bass, Vocals
Joe Tilman - Drums

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