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7th Nemesis
Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow
May 2011
Released: 2010, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

DETERMINISTIC NONPERIODIC FLOW is the third full length release from French extreme metallers 7th Nemesis. The band combines a framework steeped in traditional death metal with layers of progressive flavored accoutrements for a sound that’s both sonically heavy and musically challenging. Though it’s a formula that’s become pretty commonplace, 7th Nemesis succeeds by knowing where their strengths are and exploiting those strengths for all they’re worth.

The album’s strongest asset is that it doesn’t venture into total technical freakout territory, a la Revocation, et al. Rather, it’s a balanced platter of upbeat, hooky, and aggressive tunes that are strong at their core, with just enough discordant bravado to flesh out the tunes. On the 10-minute opening opus “Distorted Mass,” the band touches on vibes ranging from Testament to Meshuggah to Voivod, alongside some commentary from the late George Carlin on the relationship between God and death. There’s a ton of stuff going on in this one track, but it never feels like the band is out of control or just being self indulgent. In contrast, “Seeding Devolution” and “Legacy of Supremacy” are straightforward death grinders, but no less effective. There’s plenty of frill and wail interspersed into the tracks, but only as much as needed to carry the tunes.

And it’s that chaotic symmetry that really holds the album together. “Random Ascension” sounds like it’s going to fly off the tracks at any moment, but never does. It’s all over the map in terms of arrangements and time signatures, but it’s got some amazingly frantic riffs and ends up being oddly catchy. My personal fav though was album closer “Ashes of a New Era,” as it bridges in elements of dark traditional metal (and some great lead guitar work) that buoys the tune above the rest. Though there are always multiple variables at play within each song, there’s a running thread of continuity that makes it feel like a complete “album” rather than a collection of songs. That’s always been a big sticking point for me, and every time I’ve given this album a spin, it’s locked me in from start to finish.

Musically, the band sounds proficient and well versed in their individual crafts. Vocalist Greg has a deep rasp that reminded me of a David Vincent/Max Cavalera/Corpsegrinder hybrid; kind of a barking rasp if you will. It’s effectively blunt, but the mind starts to wander about how some additional inflection/variation might have added new dynamics to an already powerful performance. DETERMINISTIC NONPERIODIC FLOW is currently a self-released effort (as is the band’s previous outputs), though 7th Nemesis is currently shopping for a label to call home. The album has yet to see a proper physical release yet (indie or otherwise), but is currently streaming via the band’s website. Hopefully the band gets some PR muscle behind them, as DETERMINISTIC NONPERIODIC FLOW is an album worth hearing. Check out the 7th Nemesis website for more details.
Track Listing

1. Distorded Mass (Of Unformed Matter)
2. Seeding Devolution
3. Legacy of Supremacy
4. Reverse Engineering
5. The Sarcastic Maze
6. Random Ascension
7. Ashes of a New Era


Alex S. - Guitar
Nicolas C. – Guitar
Alex G - Bass
Greg T. - Vocals
Nico M. - Drums

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