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36 Crazyfists
A Snow Capped Romance
March 2004
Released: 2004, Roadrunner Records / Bonnier Amigo Music Group
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

36 Crazyfists are a totally new acquaintance for me. They originally come from Alaska but are now living in Portland. Their previous album, BITTERNESS THE STAR, was released in 2002. They have done a lot of touring, especially in their home country, but they have also been over to Europe to do some shows. After a while the touring life became too much and they took a break to write material for this new album.

The music is written by Mr. Holt (guitars) and Mr. Noonan (drums). Vocalist Brock Lindow has written all the lyrics to this 11 track album. The album was produced by James Paul Wisner and co-produced by Mr. Holt. The very famous Andy Sneap was in charge of the mixing. The production is brutal and aggressive just like it should sound when it comes to this kind of music I guess. I would say that this sounds a little bit like mallcore, not much but you can sense it.

How does this band sound then? I would describe them as an aggressive / somewhat brutal hardcore influenced by some lighter heavy metal. In parts of the songs the tempo slows down sounding more commercial. The band uses two singers, like many hardcore bands do. I think it’s Mr. Lindow, who has the more aggressive lead vocals, impresses big time. He sounds like Tomas Lindberg (Disfear, At the Gates, Skitsystem, Nightrage etc). Mr. Holt has the ordinary vocal style and his voice is a bit weaker, he doesn’t have as big of a vocal range as his band mate.

Music-wise this is fairly strong with well written material. The album has good production and there is a mix of both brutal and slow tempos throughout the songs. For the style, the singers know what they’re doing. But as always, there are some minor things to object to. As I said earlier the music sounds partly like mallcore. That combined with the fact that they run through 11 songs in only 38 minutes is questionable. That’s too short for an 11-song album. The cover and title of the CD does not reflect the music that they play very well. It doesn’t capture the music spirit at all.

At the end, the songs are good but I don’t have any favorites amongst them. It’s all played with class except that they have slight tendencies to blend into each other. If you like hardcore with a touch of commercialism, I think this is something for you. According to the info notes, the plans for the band for 2004 are to tour and meet their fans.

Labels: AND
Track Listing

At the end of August
The heart and the shape
Skin and atmosphere
Song for the fisherman
With nothing underneath
Destroy the map
Installing the catheter
Cure eclipse


Brock Lindow – lead vocals
Steve Holt – guitar, vocals
Mick Whitney – bass
Thomas Noonan – drums

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