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3 Mile Scream
A Prelude To Our Demise
September 2007
Released: 2007, Corporate Punishment
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

With the proliferation of metalcore bands littering the landscape these days, I suppose it was only a matter of time before Canada’s metal hotbed, Montreal, got in on the act. Yes, welcome 3 Mile Scream. The band, formed in 2003, have been honing their craft and ripping it up on stage with the usual metalcore suspects (no, I will not list them), and a few other notables, such as countrymen Strapping Young Lad. Now that this, the band’s debut album is out the question is, has any of this hard-earned experience helped them?

Yes and no. The band is, as you’d expect of a modern metal / metalcore band, razor sharp musically. Guitarists Ben Ayotte and Alex Delis shred their frets to pieces and the rhythm section of Mike Marino and Norm Geneau easily handle the many stops, starts, and time changes within the band’s music. But, this is metalcore, so none of this is unexpected. Also expected are the vocals of Matt McGachy. Yes, his vocals are the standard mix of growls, whiney clean vocals, and screams that we’ve all come to expect from this genre. He’s quite fine at the mic, but absolutely nothing special. With the number of bands doing this vocal style, it’s actually refreshing when a mainstream band like Devildriver says “fuck it”, and commits to the growls.

Anyway, back to A PRELUDE TO OUR DEMISE. The band claims that Bay Area thrash metal and death metal are a major part of their sound, along with the expected Gothenburg influences. Sorry guys, but I don’t hear any Bay Area. “Modern” thrash, maybe. As for death metal, there are snippets here and there (see “Our Blackened Sun”), but it’s also not a huge factor. No, what we have here is a metalcore album for better or worse.

Whether it’s the guys in the band saying the right things to sound like actual metal fans, or the fact that they manage to sound more committed to their music than most of the recent batch of metalcore bands I don’t know, but I have more tolerance for 3 Mile Scream than I probably should. I guess I can hear the potential in the band.

If you still have room for another metalcore band, than consider 3 Mile Scream recommended.
Track Listing

1) Prelude
2) Mourning the Lost
3) Forced Entry
4) Our Blackened Sun
5) Dare to Question
6) Confession
7) Escape the Irony
8) What Once Was
9) Apathy
10) Crippled Nation
11) Repent


Matt McGachy: Vocals
Ben Ayotte: Guitar
Alex Delis: Guitar
Mike Marino: Bass
Norm Genaeu: Drums

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